Reasons Why PGH Bricks Are a Top Choice for Many Australians

17 May 2023

Every data suggests that Australians still prefer to live in the suburbs and want it built of PGH bricks. According to a 2017 behaviour and attitudes, while 64% of Australians live in a brick home, even more (75%) consider PGH brick exteriors when building a new home or adding a major extension to their home, a statistic that has been consistent for many years.

PGH bricks as Top Choice

PGH bricks are our favourite building material; there are more than six times as many PGH brick homes as weatherboard homes and eight times as many PGH brick homes as fibre cement homes (fibro). Australians have always enjoyed a PGH brick home – hover over any Aussie city, and there will be a sea of PGH brick in various colours. Most of us have grown up in PGH brick houses; it’s nearly part of our blood and culture. Indeed, 88% of those polled indicated they grew up believing that PGH brick is the greatest, while 84% agreed that face PGH brick might be used to build a contemporary home, demonstrating that PGH brick has developed with our design sense.

Versatility in Colour and Style

Furthermore, Australians like that PGH brick offers more options for creating a unique style (87%) and provides a greater return on investment (73%). Prospective homebuyers increasingly realise the eco-benefits of PGH brick, such as its excellent heating and cooling properties. Right now, there have never been so many options for Australians commencing to create their dream house using PGH brick and exploring PGH brick-inspired design possibilities.

PGH bricks Aren’t Simply PGH bricks Anymore

Every house has options, from elegant neutrals in smooth whites, off-whites, concrete greys, and charcoals to industrial chic and modern rustic designs in sand stocks and recycled-look PGH bricks. You may even use traditional deep reds reimagined in modern design applications to inspire everyone.

Reason for the Choice

There has been a shift in the type of home we desire; it is no longer the large house on the quarter-acre lot. While separate houses continue to account for the majority of residences in Australia (72%), other types of dwellings, such as flats, apartments, semi-detached, row housing, or town housing, now account for more than a quarter (26%) of Australian housing – all greater density residential construction. Nonetheless, they are typically composed of PGH brick.

PGH brick homes are synonymous in the minds of most Australians with excellent building, which adds value to a piece of real estate. PGH bricks are the most popular choice for external wall cladding in Australia since they are inexpensive, easily accessible, and have been tested extensively. PGH bricks are naturally beautiful, meaning they do not require further treatment and only minor upkeep. They are resistant to the effects of weather, possess extraordinary tensile strength, and may persist for decades or even millennia.