Power Fence Supplier: Finding a Partner Offering Full-Service Support

26 March 2024

Power Fence Supplier

Discover full-service support from Melbourne’s trusted power fence supplier, BuildCor. Secure your property with confidence. Reach out to our experts now!

Securing your property or business with an electric fence requires finding a knowledgeable and reliable power fence supplier. With the wide variety of fencing systems available today, it’s important to partner with a company that can assess your unique needs and recommend the right solution. In Melbourne, you want a supplier that provides full-service support – from conducting site surveys and making recommendations to installing your electric fence and providing ongoing maintenance. This ensures you end up with a robust perimeter security system tailored to your specifications. Let’s explore why finding a partner offering full-service support is essential in this regard.

What is a Power Fence?

A power fence, also known as an electric fence, is a security barrier that delivers an electric shock to intruders or animals that come into contact with it. It consists of wires that are electrified with a low-voltage electric current, typically powered by an energiser unit. Power fences are commonly used in various applications such as perimeter security for properties, agricultural fencing to contain livestock, and wildlife conservation to deter animals from protected areas.

Why You Need a Reliable Power Fence Supplier

A good electric fencing supplier will take the time to understand your specific security challenges and requirements. Do you need to prevent intrusions into a commercial yard? Deter crime in an inner-city area? Keep livestock safely contained? The supplier should evaluate your site and suggest appropriate fence types, energiser systems, and access controls. They’ll also consider aspects like aesthetics and budgets. Partnering with an experienced company ensures your system delivers maximum protection.

You want a power fence supplier that’s up to date on the latest fence technologies and energiser options. Solar or AC-powered? Which wire gauges make the most sense? They should explain the pros and cons so you can make informed choices. Ongoing support is also critical. If issues arise, you need a supplier who provides prompt maintenance and repairs to keep your fence working properly. They should be available for upgrades, too, as security needs evolve.

How Power Fencing Improves Security

Installing a properly designed electric fence powered by an adequate energiser brings four key security benefits:

•  Physical and Psychological Deterrence – The visible barrier and warning signs act as a deterrent. The psychological association with electric shock also discourages intruders.

•  Perimeter Protection – The continuous fence surrounds the property, keeping threats out. Sensors will detect any attempted breaches.

•  Delayed Entry – Cutting through or climbing the charged fence takes time and makes noise, alerting guards of illegal entry attempts.

•  Reduced Insurance – Costs Insurers recognise power fencing’s security value. Having a system may qualify your business for lower premiums.

For premium power fencing solutions in Melbourne, a trusted choice is BuildCor. As a full-service supplier, we provide site evaluations, customised system recommendations, professional installation, and ongoing support. With our fence expertise and commitment to customer service, you gain peace of mind knowing your property has a robust perimeter defence. For maximised security tailored to your needs, turn to the power fence professionals at BuildCor.