Boral Designer Ceramic Roof Tiles: Elegance for Your Home

25 May 2020

Due to its variety of types including concrete, stylish terracotta and ceramic, Boral roof tiles can be aesthetically pleasing depending on the overall theme and appeal of the building it covers. That means you could choose the type of Boral roof tiles that you can use based on your building or home whether it be classical, modern or contemporary. Below are ways on how Boral designer ceramic roof tiles can provide elegance for your home. Boral Designer Ceramic Roof Tiles is Suited for Contemporary Homes There are many styles of contemporary homes, with pitched roofs becoming a more common feature. […]

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Different Types of Bricks and Their Uses

11 May 2020

Once you decide to work with bricks, the next step is figuring out what kind of brick to use in your project. Some types of bricks are built for strength, while others are designed mostly for their appeal to the eye. But finding the right one for your needs can get tricky. And, while bricks may seem modest and simple, when deployed properly, they can be downright glamorous. There are almost as many ways of classifying bricks as there are different types of bricks. But if you classify them based on where they go, you need only remember two: facing […]

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Roof Slates Guide: Choosing Between Spanish, Canadian, and Welsh Slates

28 April 2020

Slate roofing is one of the best ways to ensure superb protection for one’s property. For many centuries, the material has been the undisputed first choice for millions of home and business owners. Some of the most iconic churches, cathedrals, museums and other heritage buildings have slate roofs. Most Australian property owners choose slate for all their roofing needs. Apart from their durable and long lasting nature, slate tiles are also known for their aesthetic beauty. A slate roof is quite an asset for any property owner. It will protect your home for many decades. Many homeowners choose slate solely […]

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Why is Wall Cladding a “Must Have” in Modern Architecture

07 April 2020

Modern architecture is a result of new developments in the industry that has been evolving up until the present. It is a continuous invention and experimentation of different designs, textures and patterns. Such a breakthrough gave birth to a very useful process known as wall cladding. Initially, it is used to protect any surface from natural elements that could damage and deteriorate it. It is available in various options such as laminates, wood, tiles, stone, glass etc. Other than the previously mentioned, below are reasons why wall cladding is a must have in modern architecture. Wall Cladding Materials are Stylish […]

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Things That Make Slate Roofing the Best Option

23 March 2020

More often than not, you will spot a slate roofing in Australia. Most residential building owners opt for this type of roofing due to the number of advantages it poses. Below are the things that make slate roofing the best option. Style and Colour Selection Various slate roofing styles vary from textural and finished installations to miscellaneous shades and designs. Two of the most popular styles discovered are the conventional pattern form and the blind width form. Not exclusively can slate differ in form, but additionally in composition, which can vary from very soft and smooth to very coarse and […]

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