Advantages of Brick Wall Exterior for Modern Homes

21 October 2020

Bricks are considered a popular material to be used for home wall exteriors due to their durability and longevity. Aside from that, it also offers several benefits that makes it an ideal to install to improve the condition of your homes. If your home isn’t initially built with bricks, it is easy to have them added to increase insulation and style. There are several reliable brick brands that are most common and most reliable. These are Austral, Selkirk and PGH. With the top and most highly recognised trusted suppliers of building products for different residential and commercial construction projects, you […]

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Luxury Stone: Quality Natural Stones for Indoor and Outdoor Use

09 October 2020

Luxury Stone is known from being a source of quality natural stones imported from around the world. They are popular for their best products with premium quality in a variety of range and quantity. These natural stones are the most commonly used and preferred materials of builders, designers and architects in Australia. Below are the quality natural stones for indoor and outdoor use from Luxury Stone. Natural Split Sandstone Natural split sandstone has many benefits including being very durable & versatile. It is an excellent product for swimming pool surrounds due to its natural slip resistance when wet and has […]

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How to Choose the Best Supplier of Building Materials for Residential Construction

28 September 2020

When seeking a top-rated supplier of excellent quality building materials today for your residential construction project, you want to ensure that you engage a highly experienced and respected company. You may be planning to build a new home for you and your family to enjoy, or perhaps you are a property owner who plans to construct several homes for sale. In either instance, you will need the expertise of a home building materials distributing company that is well-known in your locale for providing the best products. Only by engaging a home building supplier with a top-calibre record for providing the […]

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MasterFloor Under-floor Insulation Advantages for Australian Homes

09 September 2020

Nobody needs to have a literal cold feet, so here are some valuable realities which will assist you with keeping your home warm, increase its value, lessen your heating bill and help save the planet! MasterFloor Under-floor Insulation is exactly what you need for your Australian home and below are some of its advantages for your perusal. MasterFloor Underfloor Insulation Pays For Itself A home with an uninsulated suspended lumber floor has drafts, loses heat and is bound to be moist. Fitting underfloor insulation has been proven by studies to lessen your warming bills by 16 per cent and spare […]

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CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet Information and Advantages

31 August 2020

CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet is often used in facades, cladding, eaves and soffits. More often than not, the type of building structure that primarily utilises CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet are residential housing buildings within the scope of AS4055. Aside from that, it also has no wet areas. Read on below for more information regarding CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet. CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet Dimensional and Geometrical Characteristics CSR Cemintel Cladding Sheet has 13 panel dimensions specifically 900mmW x 2400mmL x 6mmD; 1200mmW x 1800mmL x 6mmD; 1200mmW x 2400mmL x 6mmD; 1200mm W x 2700mmL x 6mmD; 1200mm W x 3000mmL […]

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