How to Avoid Issues in Slate Roofing Installation

24 January 2020

For many, slate is one attractive, durable, and waterproof roofing material. That is why it is common for homeowners to have slate roofs due to its multiple advantages. It is significantly more expensive than other roofing materials but people find it beneficial enough to look the other way. However, issue often arise in slate roofing installation. Below are the ways on how to avoid them. Research Extensively on Slate You need to conduct rigorous research before initiating the slate roof installation process. The items like head and side laps, drip edges, cant strips, and straps on ridges are to be […]

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How Wall Cladding Enhances the Beauty of Your Home’s Interior and Exterior Space

07 January 2020

Wall cladding is an additional cover on the existing interior and exterior walls of a building. Adding cladding to the walls contributes to the extraordinary aesthetics of the building. These are available in hundreds of colours, patterns, textures and finishes that can perfectly match the aesthetics of a building. Any variety of cladding for walls can transform an ordinary wall into a vibrant and lively looking masterpiece. Here is how wall cladding enhances the beauty of your home’s interior and exterior space. Exterior paints are not enough to add protection or a unique appearance to the house. That is when […]

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Wall Cladding Benefits that Go Beyond Aesthetics

13 December 2019

Everyone knows that a wall cladding improves the overall appearance of the surface it is applied into. Its appeal adds to the overall life of the construction. As a result, it serves as the most popular alternative for renovating any exterior structure and existing building. However, wall cladding’s purpose does not stop there. The benefits of wall cladding can definitely go beyond aesthetics. Weather Resistance and Thermal Insulation Exterior wall cladding is a type of material, which is used to provide a layer or an extra skin. In the field of construction, it is used widely to provide weather resistance […]

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Essential Tips Before Hiring a Slate Roofing Company

02 December 2019

It is normal for everyone to think through every decision they make especially if their repercussion holds a great significance for a long time. Such is also true in hiring a slate roofing company. All of them will claim that they are reliable and expert in doing the construction work you desire. But that won’t be for certain until they actually do the job. Below are the essential tips before hiring a slate roofing company. Be Present When They Inspect the Roof People normally pay less attention on the estimation and inspection and more on the other parts of the […]

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Three Main Slate Roof Installation Mistakes that You Should Avoid

21 November 2019

Slate roofs are popularly known for its durability and cost. Although it uses much more expensive roofing materials, slate roof tiles are proven to last for over 75 years. However, there are certain instances wherein their durability and aesthetic value are compromised. This normally happens when there is a mistake in its installation. Below are some of its examples. Incorrect Flashing Installation It is important that your roof flashing be installed the right way. For those who do not know, roof flashing is a thin material usually made of galvanized steel. They are commonly used by professional roofers to direct […]

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