Maximise Steel Durability with Hebel PowerPanel Wall Solutions from BuildCor

26 October 2021

Hebel is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) lightweight building material made from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and other aerating agents that are used to form blocks and panels for walls, facades and floors. It is widely used in Europe, New Zealand and Australia for various purposes. Due to its wide range of uses, Hebel is presumed to be an ideal cladding material. Below are how Hebel cladding delivers a warmer and safer home. Engineered to deliver high performing wall solutions for apartments and commercial and industrial buildings. Hebel PowerPanel contains steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion […]

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An Overview of Hebel Power Fence and Its Benefits and Applications

11 October 2021

Hebel PowerFence is a secluded design utilising standard PowerPanels and steel posts, which can be rapidly and effectively introduced. The framework is very adaptable, solid, and doesn’t need broad uncovering or strip balance, making it ideal for houses, multi-private undertakings, low-ascent lofts and DIY projects. PowerFence is the ideal expansion to the home as it very well may be delivered or painted to enhance any home plan, and steered to make various looks and wraps up. Non-ignitable, PowerFence is ideal for bushfire zones and it contains steel support for added strength with an anti-consumption layer on the steel for greatest […]

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What Makes BuildCor Building Solutions a Reliable Supplier of Building Products for Residential Construction Projects?

30 September 2021

When seeking a top-rated supplier of excellent quality building materials today for your residential construction project, you want to ensure that you engage a highly experienced and respected company. You may be planning to build a new home for you and your family to enjoy, or perhaps you are a property owner who plans to construct several homes for sale. In either instance, you will need the expertise of a home building materials distributing company that is well-known in your locale for providing the best products. Only by engaging a home building supplier with a top-calibre record for providing the […]

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Some Stunning Ways of Using Brick Facades for Modern Architecture

09 September 2021

A brick in modern architecture is the most prized assembling material for its immortal, flexible, and consistently advancing nature. Brick has amazing characteristics and various stonework utilizes which have some of the best modelers of the modern period, making prominent structures with bricks. In modern occasions, the brick architecture permits the modelers to investigate its special crudeness, and different tones, surfaces or shapes. Exposed Bricks From the rosy brown, provincial tones to the warm tones of orange uncovered brickwork have an unquestionable appeal and wrap a spot to make it space. Modern planners have always respected the excellence of uncovered […]

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Benefits of Using Natural Sandstone for Outdoor Paving and Tiling Purposes

23 August 2021

Natural split sandstone has many benefits including being very durable and versatile. It is an excellent product for swimming pool surrounds due to its natural slip resistance when wet and has a high resistance to salt attack (sealing is recommended to assist with protection). The natural split finish also highlights the natural colours within the sandstone that have been developed over thousands of years by mother nature. Our Natural split sandstone comes in calibrated thickness that can be even glued if used as tiling. Thicker 30mm calibrated pavers can be ordered to be used on sand if required. A full […]

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