Three Main Slate Roof Installation Mistakes that You Should Avoid

21 November 2019

Slate roofs are popularly known for its durability and cost. Although it uses much more expensive roofing materials, slate roof tiles are proven to last for over 75 years. However, there are certain instances wherein their durability and aesthetic value are compromised. This normally happens when there is a mistake in its installation. Below are some of its examples. Incorrect Flashing Installation It is important that your roof flashing be installed the right way. For those who do not know, roof flashing is a thin material usually made of galvanized steel. They are commonly used by professional roofers to direct […]

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How Hebel Cladding Delivers a Warmer and Safer Home

05 November 2019

Cladding is a term used to describe the application or coating of one material over another to form a non- structural, external surface. Since it is a non-structural surface, it does not normally contribute to the stability of a certain object. Instead, it offers thermal insulation and weather resistance for construction purposes. Cladding often involves materials such as wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that can include aluminium, wood, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, wheat and rice straw fibres. Hebel is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) lightweight building material made from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and […]

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Installation of Spanish Slate Roofing: Qualities that Will Make Make Your Roof Stand Out

16 October 2019

By installing a Spanish slate roof on your home, you are adding natural beauty, timeless character and lasting value to your residence. This desirable rock is quarried, or mined, from holes, tunnels, pits or deep shafts in the ground. First, it must be crafted by hand into workable sizes. It can then be split into roofing shingles with the use of hammers and chisels. These shingles are then perforated with nail holes to prepare each thin slab of slate to be attached securely to a roof deck with nails. Once installed, slate roofs will normally last for at least 100 […]

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Slate Roofing for the Best Insulation and Elegant Look for Your Home

10 October 2019

When in search of a roofing material that will provide effective insulation for and an elegant look to your house, you need to consider the attributes of slate roofing. Slate comes in various colours that range from grey to mottled green. These colours complement a wide assortment of home exterior colours. Also, when the slate is installed correctly, your roof will be durable and provide high insulating properties. On top of all this, slate is one with nature. We discuss this roofing material in more detail in the following. Slate Varies in Colour You can choose from an assortment of […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Slate Roofing

18 September 2019

If you are considering different types of roofing for installation on your new home or for replacing your current home’s roof, slate tiles may be the ideal choice. There is a variety of roofing materials in popular use today, including terracotta and concrete tiles, asphalt shingles and timber-cladding. For this reason, many homeowners may not be familiar with the value and qualities of a slate roof. Slate tiles will give your roof a natural, attractive and refined appearance. They can add the look of polished elegance to homes of many different designs and sizes. A slate roof will also increase […]

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