Affordable Wall Building Using Hebel Wall Systems

08 September 2022

When it comes to house construction, first impressions are lasting impressions, and the goods employed establish the entire appearance of your project. Hebel wall panels created locally by CSR are designed to offer visual, functional, and ergonomic fronts, but more conventional forms of cladding are still acceptable. These panels are steel-reinforced, highly durable, non-combustible, and may be attached to steel and wooden frames. Hebel is a superb choice for outside cladding due to its superior acoustic performance, remarkable thermal qualities, variety of treatments, and quality, simple installation.

Compared to alternative rendered and painted brick treatments, Hebel wall panels are versatile and have affordable installation costs. This is why:

Less expensive than Rendered and Painted Brick

Typical external brick walls and cladding alternatives are time-consuming to build. It takes only two days to create the outside walls of a single-story Hebel home. This is one of the several reasons why Hebel wall panels are a significantly more efficient and cost-effective solution. These panels are an excellent option for indoor and outdoor walls. They have a thickness of 75mm, and a width of 600mm, and vary in length from 2.4m to 3.3m. This reduces waste, which aids in reducing the total cost and duration of any project.

Completed with a Masterful Rendering and Finish

Hebel wall panels that have been rendered and painted are more cost-effective than rendered bricks, and they have a higher tolerance for cracking compared to other rendered and painted masonry wall systems. Additionally, these panels have a better level of durability. Because of this, any future maintenance costs will be greatly reduced. In comparison, brick structures subjected to a significant amount of wear and tear have a propensity to crack and are far more challenging to repair.

Benefits of Better Thermal Insulation

Despite several exterior treatments, traditional brick masonry remains relatively porous and provides only modest heat insulation. Bricks also retain the sun’s heat long after it has set, ensuring that the interior of a summertime building is perpetually warm. Compared to conventional bricks, which only have an R-value of 0.18, Hebel wall panels offer more cost-effective thermal advantages with an R-value of 0.52. They help keep a home’s interior cool in the summer and warm in the winter, resulting in long-term savings on your energy expenses.

Cheap & Ultimately Better

Typically, a rendered and painted home exterior is indicative of an expensive quality finish. Previously, house builders and homeowners compromised on the desired render and paint finish on the front face of a home by settling for a render finish over brick.

With Hebel exterior wall systems, this luxury finish is now affordable for single- and two-story dwellings. The Hebel PowerPanel system accommodates budget-conscious builders and homeowners without sacrificing functionality or overall beauty. The residential installation includes the residential wall wrap, batten screws, top-hat channels, caulking, Hebel, rendering, texturing, and painting. When comparing the cost of brick rendered and painted to Hebel rendered and painted, the Hebel technique is significantly less expensive.

The Hebel exterior wall system is a much more efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional rendered and painted masonry. Its quick installation decreases building time and has excellent thermal qualities, and simple maintenance makes it a must-have for your next construction project.

BuildCor Building Solutions has completed countless residential and commercial installations of Hebel, rendering, and painting projects with a high degree of attention to detail and cost-effectiveness.

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