Wall Cladding Benefits that Go Beyond Aesthetics

13 December 2019

Everyone knows that a wall cladding improves the overall appearance of the surface it is applied into. Its appeal adds to the overall life of the construction. As a result, it serves as the most popular alternative for renovating any exterior structure and existing building. However, wall cladding’s purpose does not stop there. The benefits of wall cladding can definitely go beyond aesthetics.

Weather Resistance and Thermal Insulation

Exterior wall cladding is a type of material, which is used to provide a layer or an extra skin. In the field of construction, it is used widely to provide weather resistance and thermal insulation. It has the ability to protect the surface from water penetration and improves the air tightness while optimising the use of considerable thermal mass. Although cladding is not exactly waterproof, it acts as a control element. It can prevent water infiltration into building structure.

Cost Effective

Due to its thermal insulation capacity, natural daylight can be utilised to its full potential. As a result, it significantly helps save electricity when installed to address insulation and thermal issues. Aside from that, you can also save other commercial building expenses. By eliminating internal problems, you are able to reduce the overall maintenance costs involved.

Noise Reduction

A wide range of materials is used for cladding such as wood, brick, metal, vinyl and even composite materials that may include aluminium, blends of cement, wood, recycled polystyrene, wheat or rice straw fibres and many others. This enables them to provide extra protection, but it also serves as an element to control noise entering or escaping. Moreover, by design, it also helps to prevent or slow down the spread of fire.

Building Preservation

Wall cladding provides increased service life to the building structure. The more it is protected and preserved, the more it serves its purpose. Also, since it significantly improves the appearance of the building, it therefore increases the overall value of the property.

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