Using Hebel Panels for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas

26 April 2023

In 2020, Australia saw one of the worst fire seasons on record, with over 3000 homes destroyed by wildfires. Regrettably, as global warming continues, residents living in bushfire-prone rural-urban regions and lush suburbs of major Australian cities face another hard wildfire season. As a result, there is an increasing need for fire-resistant construction materials with a verified FRL (Fire Resistance Level). There are several factors to consider before investing in a long-lasting, fire-resistant exterior covering.But what if there was a single answer to all of these problems?

This is where Hebel panels come in. Hebel panels are among the finest building materials for bushfire-prone locations. They have extraordinary non-combustible qualities that allow them to keep their shape even in tremendous temperatures. Let’s look at what Hebel can provide structures in bushfire-prone areas.

Proven Fire Resistant Levels

Hebel panels are noted for their high fire resistance levels and flame resistance. As a result, they’ve proven to be the ideal building materials for bushfire zones. All of Hebel’s building products are made of non-combustible materials, so they will not burn or emit flammable vapours when exposed to flames or severe temperatures.

CSIRO has tested Hebel systems; therefore, their fire resistance has been proven. Because of the high-quality control, an average Hebel product may reach Fire Resistant Ratings ranging from 60 to 240 minutes. This is an amazing window for sheltering your properties during a blaze.

Meeting All Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Categories

Before obtaining a building permit, every bushfire-prone region residence must undergo a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) evaluation. This scale has numerous levels, with each level moving to higher categories the more your residence is located in locations with a thick radius of vegetation. The lowest level on the BAL scale is 12.5, and the highest is BAL-FZ, which denotes severe risk. For your convenience, below is a concise lexicon of all Bushfire Attack Level categories:

  1. BAL-Low: This is a low-risk level with minimal to no exposure to even embers.
  2. BAL-12.5: This level is designed for basic ember assaults.
  3. BAL-19: This level is defined by a heat flow of 12.5 to 19kW m2, embers, and windborne burning debris.
  4. BAL-29: This level is distinguished by a growing heat flux between 19 and 29kW m2 and ember assaults and burning debris.
  5. BAL-40: At this level, embers assault and ignite debris thrown at structures like a windborne storm.
  6. BAL-FZ: Here is where dwellings are vulnerable to direct flames and ember assaults.

Hebel can manage even the harshest circumstances if you’re developing in a bushfire-prone location. Hebel panels meet or exceed the standards for all six Bushfire Attack Level categories. Furthermore, because Hebel products cover all areas of building design, the flexible range allows you to select from exterior cladding, interior walls, floors, and fence items.

You’ll especially like the Hebel PowerPanel XL exterior wall system. It has anFRL of 180/180/180 and is termite resistant. The PowerFloor and the 50mm Hebel Party Wall Systems have FRL ratings of 90/90/90 and excellent thermal and acoustic qualities. Finally, there is the PowerFence, a stylish modular fence system that provides an effective privacy and noise barrier. It has non-combustible panels and steel supports.

As you can see, Hebel goods are heat resistant. This makes them the finest choice for building materials in bushfire-prone locations since they do not have any design limits or ergonomic drawbacks.