Using Hebel As The Main External Wall Cladding Material

08 May 2023

One of the essential aspects of home design is the exterior (officially known as the elevation). It is always designed to exude a trendy feel, but it must also be sufficiently durable and resilient to provide adequate protection from the weather.As a result, the material composition of your home’s external wall cladding influences how long it will last in the long run.

That’s where CSR Hebel, Australia’s top building materials company, comes in. The company is well-known for its lightweight building products, particularly wall panels and blocks. Hebel wall panels are ideal for residential external wall buildings since they are easy to install, eco-friendly, and resistant to the elements. Let’s have a look at the top three products of the company:

The PowerPanelXL

The issue with traditional masonry is that it takes a long time and money to build, and too many unintended site setbacks might occur. Nevertheless, with Hebel walls, particularly the PowerPanelXL, you may avoid most of these milestones.If you’re wondering what these panels are made of, rest assured that they are 75mm thick and steel reinforced! Every single one is built to last, with steel and an anti-corrosion layer on top. These panels are mounted vertically on prefabricated wall frames and a perforated Top Hat Portion (also patented by Hebel) and can be easily fixed to the exterior of your home.

You can shorten the time to create the entire external wall cladding by anchoring the panel to the section. According to Hebel statistics, installing a PowerPanelXLexternal wall cladding is 60% faster and more efficient than installing typical outside products. PowerPanelXl prices are competitive, allowing for the construction of affordable quality homes.You also have the extra benefit of thermal insulation performance, which gives incredible heat resistance and is suited for bushfire-affected areas. Additional benefits of solar panels include increased strength, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

The PowerPanel50

This Hebel wall panel is intended for residential and low-rise multi-residential applications. Again, the goal is to provide rapid, effective, and less time-consuming solutions while creating a fashionable outside for your structures.

PowelPanel50 is a Hebel installation that meets all of these requirements. It comes in various thicknesses, allowing you to select and personalise it according to the specifications, locations, and particular needs of your residential external wall cladding. For example, the PowerPanel50 used in low-rise building exteriors would have different characteristics than those used in modest home exteriors. These panels are available in 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm, and 3000mm lengths, but all have the same thickness: 50mm.

These Hebel wall panels are extremely tough and resilient. They are reinforced with steel and an anti-corrosion coating, which gives incredible resistance to the elements and guarantees a longer, fresher looks for your home’s exterior.Aside from delivering faster, lower-risk construction timeframes and being robust and secure, the PowerPanel50 also has excellent fire-rating compliance, making it ideal for places prone to hot climatic conditions and bushfires.

The PowerBlock+

PowerBlock+ is a building alternative to the previous two Hebel installations, which were about outside panelling. It can be used to replace double-brick exterior and interior wall construction. It’s strong enough for load-bearing applications (up to three storeys) and can be moulded to fit your aesthetic preferences.

PowerBlock+’s sheer flexibility and practical diversity make it an excellent material choice for residential construction. Its exceptional thermal performance keeps interiors cooler in the summer and cosier in the winter. This material’s exceptional acoustic qualities also lessen the impact of noise pollution within your rooms.Other than that, the PowerBlock+ meets all Australian construction code safety standards. It also promises fast and efficient construction that is robust, fire-resistant, sturdy, and eco-friendly.

So there you have it: fantastic alternative external design and construction options from Hebel wall panels. They guarantee superior construction quality and timely completion of your project. They are an excellent investment for any residential project.