Light Up Your Home Safely This Holiday with Hebel AAC from BuildCor

21 November 2022

When the yearly Christmas light display at your neighbourhood hardware shop or garden centre begins flashing, pulsating, rippling, or glowing, you can be sure that the holiday season is drawing near.

During the holiday season, the number of fires that start in homes can increase by as much as fifty per cent; most of these are started by low-quality decorations. LED Christmas lights, which offer great advantages in terms of Christmas light fire safety, have thankfully become the trend for this year. LED Christmas lights may last up to 10 times longer than traditional ones.

Therefore, before you go and pull those dusty lights out of the attic for yet another year, you might want to consider installing cladding systems in your homes that aren’t flammable. BuildCor places a high premium on the safety of its products; hence, we support the use of non-combustible materials exclusively in all of our recommendations.

What Exactly Are Non-flammable Cladding Panels?

Materials destined to be a component of an exterior wall of a relevant building must follow the Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Identification of Buildings with Combustible Cladding) Regulation 2018, and they must also be classified in line with BS EN 13501-12007+A12009. The non-combustible cladding products in the Hebel AAC line comply with these standards. This depicts how the non-combustible cladding system will carry out its duties in the case of a fire.

Key Features of Non-combustible Hebel AAC Cladding Panels

Hebel AAC cladding panels made of non-combustible material are constructed to survive the progression of fire up the exterior of a structure and to contribute to the prevention of fire from entering at a higher level.

BuildCor’s selection of non-combustible aluminium panels is offered in a diverse collection of finishes, including anodised Anolok, pre-coated, and polyester powder-coated options (PPC). To guarantee that the panel finish meets the project’s requirements in terms of its aesthetics and functionality, it is chosen in collaboration with the design team for the project.

Christmas Light Fire Safety

If a bulb is damaged by mistake, the low voltage will ensure that children and animals will not experience an unpleasant shock if they come into contact with it. However, you should always ensure that the wiring, lights, and transformers are kept out of reach of both little hands and canine teeth.

The transformer is the component of all low-voltage LED lights design that has the potential to reach dangerously high temperatures. To ensure that your transformer stays cool, you should always position it in an area free from carpets and furniture and where air can flow freely around it. NEVER hide your transformer by tucking it behind drapes, and NEVER stack presents around the tree so closely that they touch the transformer. Both of these things should be avoided at all costs. If there is one item that may catch fire more quickly than dry Christmas trees, it would have to be wrapping paper for Christmas gifts.

When you go to bed at night, please turn off all of your lights or set a timer for them so that you are not wasting power by putting on a light show that only your cat can enjoy. This also allows the transformer sufficient time to cool down, which lowers the likelihood of it overheating.

BuildCor and Hebel are regarded as two of the most reputable companies in Australia regarding the fabrication of non-combustible cladding and architectural metalwork, thanks to their many years of industry expertise.

Be sure to contact us immediately for information on non-combustible cladding panels and other information regarding our Hebel AAC line.