Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

07 November 2022

Most homeowners are aware of the standard questions that should be asked of a roofing company that they are considering hiring, such as how long the firm has been in business, references, proof that they are insured, and information on warranties. However, putting on a new roof is a difficult process. Because even seemingly insignificant details can have a significant impact, it is essential to hire a roofer who has a lot of expertise and is very knowledgeable about their craft.

Before you choose a roofer, you should check out these questions that are connected to roofing and ask them:

Will Your Old Roof Be Removed?

Roofers who don’t follow the rules can easily save money by first conducting a visual inspection of the existing roof and then shingling directly over it. However, if they do not remove the old shingles, they will be unable to determine whether or not there are soft patches concealed beneath the surface. If faults are not discovered and fixed as soon as possible, you may face the prospect of more expensive repairs in the future. Before installing a new roof on your house, a qualified and professional roofer should always remove the old one first.

Will Old Flushins be Reused?

Changing out the flashing on your roof is not a straightforward task. Before your roofer can correctly install the new flashing, the old flashing must be removed and measured, and then your roofer will need to custom-bend each new flashing piece. Some roofers aren’t as trustworthy as others, and for them, installing new flashings isn’t worth the trouble. However, they are an absolute requirement for homeowners. Your original roof’s dimensions and shingle type were designed to interact with the flashings originally installed on your roof. Flashings, like other components around your house, will eventually reveal their age and show signs of wear and tear. If you choose not to replace them now, you might pay more for repairs in a few years. This is especially true if they start to rust and leak, causing more damage to your roof and house.

What Materials Are Used and How Will These Be Installed?

If your roofer tells you they will weave your shingles without laying metal below, you should take this as a warning sign and look for another roofer. Roofers can construct woven valleys more quickly and at a lower cost than other types, but this comes at the homeowner’s expense. As a result, the granules on the shingles are more prone to wearing faster than usual, making them more susceptible to premature wear and tear. Metal valleys are superior in durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

How Will Gutters Be Protected?

When working on your roof, inexperienced roofers can easily cause damage to your roof gutters if they do not take precautions to protect them from the job they are doing. Typical examples of tools and supports at their disposal are stabilisers for troughs and ladders. Before you choose a roofer, you should enquire about the safety precautions they use, since if you don’t, you can end up with a torn-up roof and damaged roof gutters once the job is over.

These are only some of the most important questions to ask your roofer during a reroofing project.

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