Classic Inspire Roof Slate


Inspire “Classic” Roof  Slates are to the roofing world what poly-carbonate and Kevlar are to ocean racing. This is a prestigious, recyclable roofing product that is lightweight, colourfast and almost indestructible. Inspire slates are manufactured in Canada by Boral (Australia) and in demand in North America, Uk and Europe. They are UV resistant, non-flammable, impermeable to water and unaffected by salt or polluted air. Classic slate has an estimated working life of 40+ years and is covered by a 40 year limited warranty that is transferable.

Inspire “Classic” Roof  Slates are a composite of recyclable plastic and dolomitic limestone. Each tile has a random texture and chamfered edges of natural slate. Matching ridge caps are also available. The plum colour shown in the images below is similar to Welsh slate heather blue and at ground level indistinguishable.

Inspire Roofing Slate

Inspire Roofing Slate

Tapco Slate

Inspire Roofing Compliance