Check Out Masterwall’s Latest Polystyrene Cladding System from Buildcor Building Solutions

24 February 2021

The MasterWall Innovative Polystyrene Cladding Systems are energy efficient and economical and offer flexible design. The MasterWall EIF Systems let designers to create without compromise, and builders to construct quickly, effectively and economically while ensuring a minimal carbon footprint.

The MasterWall EIFS has the flexibility to ensure that professional skills would not be constrained by product limitations. Studies in the US have shown that EIFS are reliable wall systems and are better than other walls in terms of moisture while maintaining superior thermal performance.  The MasterWall EIFS offers limitless colours, textures and virtually any shape or design that would be cost prohibitive using conventional construction, decorative accents, arches and columns.

The following are the benefits of the MasterWall EIFS:

The MasterWall EIFS provides cost effective and efficient design solutions to thermal bridging, pressure equalisation, condensation and moisture. High thermal properties allow specification of lower capacity heating, air conditioners and windows

The system is designed to be flexible, which makes it highly crack-resistant. When walls expand and contract, EIFS are resilient enough to absorb building movement to avoid cracking problems that are common with bricks.

Lighter weight and faster to install allow potential savings in footings and structural steel, as well as on construction time itself. Overall its lightweight construction and flexibility opens up many opportunities for a diverse range of construction methods to be utilised within the one project.

Lightweight construction has impressive impact resistance, including a high degree of compressive and flexural strength and dimensional stability, which provides opportunities for innovation in design and construction. Economic benefits and design flexibility arise from its no cavity to frame construction, which can increase a typical floor area of a typical two storey building by up to 10m2.

Check out Buildcor Building Solutions for concerns about the MasterWall Polystyrene Wall Cladding. It is an external lightweight, fibreglass reinforced, insulating wall cladding system that has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions. It is based on proven technology used extensively throughout Europe and North America for more than 60 years (also commonly referred to as EIFS – External Insulation Finishing Systems). The complete system includes the application of approved acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings that combine to create a lightweight, weather-tight building envelope.


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