Materials for External Wall Cladding: What are the Different Options?

06 March 2020

External wall cladding design has evolved in many ways over the past decade. Before, the brick was seen as a basic component to the building, but now, external wall cladding has been treated as a platform for interior designers to channel their creativity. Exterior wall cladding can be made from all kinds of materials, but with so many options now available to architects, choosing the correct material for your next design project can be a challenge. So if you are in the lookout for materials for external wall cladding, indicated below are your different options. Brick Cladding Classic and timeless […]

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Essential Things Homeowners Should Know Before Building Exterior Wall Cladding

28 February 2020

It is a given fact that exterior wall cladding can make your home look amazing. Exterior wall cladding can increase the life expectancy of your home, as well as its property value. Aside from that, the cladding process eliminates internal issues such as water damages and improves air tightness. Therefore, homeowners will most likely save up money on maintenance and energy costs. However, there are essential things that homeowners should know before building exterior wall cladding. Below are some of them. Exterior Wall Cladding’s Function Exterior wall cladding protects the walls against the sun, moisture, and wind, apart from adding […]

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Know How to Combat Issues Related to Slate Roofing Installation

14 February 2020

Many would agree that installation problems are present in every roofing structure. In the case of slate roofs, you need to be extra conscious about the precautionary measures. Although slate is undoubtedly the most attractive, durable, and waterproof roofing material available in the market, it could still encounter several problems. If these roofs are installed with the proper technique, they can easily last for one or two centuries. Some individuals may raise their eyebrows as slate is a very expensive material. Many roofers face difficulty while installing slate roofs in houses. These problems can be avoided if the homeowners and […]

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How to Avoid Issues in Slate Roofing Installation

24 January 2020

For many, slate is one attractive, durable, and waterproof roofing material. That is why it is common for homeowners to have slate roofs due to its multiple advantages. It is significantly more expensive than other roofing materials but people find it beneficial enough to look the other way. However, issue often arise in slate roofing installation. Below are the ways on how to avoid them. Research Extensively on Slate You need to conduct rigorous research before initiating the slate roof installation process. The items like head and side laps, drip edges, cant strips, and straps on ridges are to be […]

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How Wall Cladding Enhances the Beauty of Your Home’s Interior and Exterior Space

07 January 2020

Wall cladding is an additional cover on the existing interior and exterior walls of a building. Adding cladding to the walls contributes to the extraordinary aesthetics of the building. These are available in hundreds of colours, patterns, textures and finishes that can perfectly match the aesthetics of a building. Any variety of cladding for walls can transform an ordinary wall into a vibrant and lively looking masterpiece. Here is how wall cladding enhances the beauty of your home’s interior and exterior space. Exterior paints are not enough to add protection or a unique appearance to the house. That is when […]

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