CSR Cemintel Products for All Facade Refurbishment Projects in Australia

20 August 2019

CSR Cemintel products include both the necessary technology and engineering to fulfil the unique design needs of commercial and residential projects today here in Australia. These products offer a wide assortment of lightweight fibre cement solutions for not only internal surfaces but also external facades. Also, you can use certain ones for internal and external cladding. This company delivers high-quality products that perform durably all throughout the year in various types of environments. Read on to learn additional facts about why these products are ideal for all facade refurbishment projects in Australia. CSR Cemintel Products Come in a Wide Range […]

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Benefits of Using the Masterwall Insulated External Wall System in Cladding

08 August 2019

Cladding is an additional layer or skin on the exterior of a building for extra protection against weather, fire and other elements. This layer also offers thermal insulation and soundproofing. It attaches to an intermediate layer of spacers or battens or to the structures’ framework, depending upon the type of cladding. Building codes in Australia are becoming stricter today to prevent heat loss, fires and other issues, so the use of cladding is now more important than ever. With this being said, you should select the highest quality cladding for your purposes, and this is where the MasterWall Insulated External […]

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The Benefits of Using Hebel Products and Systems in Cladding

17 July 2019

The high performance Hebel building products and systems support fast, easy structural building as reliable resources for durable and sustainable construction today. As a building material, Hebel is a strong product made of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). CSR Hebel is the sole manufacturer of AAC, with more than 25 years of experience. This respected company’s record of producing top-quality building materials with use of advanced technical methods and expertise ensures its capacity to continue offering the ultimate high caliber products and systems for optimal quality construction across Australia today. As a lightweight masonry product, AAC is ideal for use in […]

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Residential Construction Supplier of Building Materials: Tips in Choosing a Reputable Company

02 July 2019

When seeking a top-rated supplier of excellent quality building materials today for your residential construction project, you want to ensure that you engage a highly experienced and respected company. You may be planning to build a new home for you and your family to enjoy, or perhaps you are a property owner who plans to construct several homes for sale. In either instance, you will need the expertise of a home building materials distributing company that is well-known in your locale for providing the best products. Only by engaging a home building supplier with a top-caliber record for providing the […]

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