Benefits of Using the Masterwall Insulated External Wall System in Cladding

08 August 2019

Cladding is an additional layer or skin on the exterior of a building for extra protection against weather, fire and other elements. This layer also offers thermal insulation and soundproofing. It attaches to an intermediate layer of spacers or battens or to the structures’ framework, depending upon the type of cladding. Building codes in Australia are becoming stricter today to prevent heat loss, fires and other issues, so the use of cladding is now more important than ever. With this being said, you should select the highest quality cladding for your purposes, and this is where the MasterWall Insulated External Wall System comes into play. Below, you will learn about the benefits of incorporating this system into your cladding.

Masterwall Designed Its Insulated External Wall System to Meet the Challenges of Australian Conditions

Since this system is designed to meet the challenges of the conditions here in Australia, it outperforms other systems for structures located here. This is due to the fact that is an external fibreglass-reinforced, lightweight insulating wall cladding system that incorporates proven technology that North America and Europe has used for over 60 years, namely the External Insulation Finishing Systems or EIFS. The entire system is comprised of approved acrylic render systems, trims, frame wraps, opening flashings and sealants to ensure it creates a weather-tight, lightweight building envelope.

The System Has Passed Stringent Testing

Another benefit of using this system is that it has passed rigorous testing on many levels to gain the following certificates:

• Codemark Accreditation
• Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29
• Cyclonic C4 Rating

Masterwall Insulated External Wall System Is Superior to All Other Wall Cladding Products

Other products for wall cladding fail to deliver the superior results that the Masterwall system delivers over and over again with design flexibility, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Do not use less than the best for your construction project.

Installation is Fast and Efficient

On top of all the other benefits of this product, its installation is efficient and fast to perform. Unlike poorer-quality ones, it is made to install without unnecessary hassle. Its framed construction attaches to buildings in a fraction of the time than other cladding methods, systems or materials. This is another reason that it is the cost-effective choice in cladding systems.

For further facts about the benefits of using Masterwall Insulated External Wall System in cladding, consult with Buildcor Building Solutions. We specialise in supplying quality products for construction purposes. Our company recently partnered with Masterwall to supply its products as part of our lineup, including this system.