Why Should You Remodel Your Façade with CSR Cemintel from Buildcor Building Solutions?

08 July 2021

CSR Cemintel products include both the necessary technology and engineering to fulfil the unique design needs of commercial and residential projects today here in Australia. These products offer a wide assortment of lightweight fibre cement solutions for not only internal surfaces but also external facades. Also, you can use certain ones for internal and external cladding. This company delivers high-quality products that perform durably all throughout the year in various types of environments. Read on to learn additional facts about why these products are ideal for all facade refurbishment projects in Australia.

CSR Cemintel Products Come in a Wide Range of Colours and Patterns for Facades

The first advantage of using these products is the fact that they come in numerous colours and patterns. You can find colours ranging from whitish to black and the patterns start at smooth and increase up to a long-brick type texture. Choose the right colour and pattern to suit your specific facade needs with your renovation. Regardless of the style of your residential structure, you can find the ideal combination of both to complement it perfectly.

CSR Cemintel Products Are Lightweight and Durable

Cemintel products from CRS are made of fibre cement to ensure that they are lightweight and will last for years in either indoor or outdoor applications. CSR’s goal is to help architects and contractors design and construct better, more resilient structures with Cemintel facades.

CSR Cemintel Products Come in Numerous Styles so You Can Make Your Selection

The following styles of Cemintel products are just some examples of what is available for facades:

  • Barestone™ External panels offer a contemporary, raw finish. These panels give a structure a biophilic look that is aesthetically pleasing while it weathers seamlessly and naturally to complement its environment.
  • Prefinished Surround™ provides a base range of discrete patterns and neutral shades, and all choices are manufactured in Europe. Also, all the choices in this category of CSR Cemintel products help structures blend in with their environment from the street areas to the landscaping features.

CSR Cemintel Products Take an Intuitive, Innovative Approach to Lightweight Facades

Another reason to turn to CSR Cemintel products for your facade renovation is that the company takes an innovative, intuitive approach to manufacturing lightweight facades. For this reason, these products make your structure stand out from the ones in the surrounding area that use a lesser-quality facade choice.

For further details about CSR Cemintel products for all facade renovation projects in Australia, consult with BuildCor Building Solutions. We are reliable suppliers for all these products as well as other building products for residential projects.