Why is Wall Cladding a “Must Have” in Modern Architecture

07 April 2020

Modern architecture is a result of new developments in the industry that has been evolving up until the present. It is a continuous invention and experimentation of different designs, textures and patterns. Such a breakthrough gave birth to a very useful process known as wall cladding. Initially, it is used to protect any surface from natural elements that could damage and deteriorate it. It is available in various options such as laminates, wood, tiles, stone, glass etc. Other than the previously mentioned, below are reasons why wall cladding is a must have in modern architecture.

Wall Cladding Materials are Stylish and Durable

Since wall cladding is invented to protect the outer surface of the walls, they need not only be durable but also aesthetically pleasing.  As such, it is important for wall cladding materials to be both stylish and durable. Among the wall cladding material options, compact laminates are the most widely used other than wood. Additionally, people even experiment with concrete and brick cladding materials. Some people may even use stone and tiles for cladding. The best wall cladding materials, however, are usually made of high-pressure compact laminates. They not only look great and last long but also contribute towards improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Wall Cladding Reduces Deterioration From Natural Elements

As mentioned above, wall cladding coats surfaces with an added level of protection. The weather damage can be minimised to quite an extent with the help of right wall cladding materials. In order for the modern buildings to last long, wall cladding is extremely necessary.

Wall Cladding Promotes Good Insulation and Temperature Control

Wall cladding is also a great measure for insulation and for temperature control and enhances the acoustics of the structure. Moreover, given the radical increase in pollution, structures these days have to endure a lot of dust and dirt. With the right cladding materials, you get the much-needed additional cover for your structure.

Wall Cladding is Available in a Variety of Options

Modern architecture is known for its creative style and designs. Similarly, the best part about wall cladding is the variety available, which includes options such as brick, metal, ceramic, laminates, concrete, composite, metal mesh, plastic, wood, tiles, stone, glass etc.

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