What Makes CSR Hebel an Ideal Cladding Material for Comfort and Security

15 January 2021

Cladding is a term used to describe the application or coating of one material over another to form a non-structural, external surface. Since it is a non-structural surface, it does not normally contribute to the stability of a certain object. Instead, it offers thermal insulation and weather resistance for construction purposes. Cladding often involves materials such as wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that can include aluminium, wood, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, wheat and rice straw fibres.

Hebel’s range of cladding, wall, floor and fencing systems provide outstanding benefits to homeowners. Quick to install without compromising on quality, it’s beautiful, solid and comfortable to live in.

Hebel is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) lightweight building material made from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and other aerating agents that are used to form blocks and panels for walls, facades and floors. It is widely used in Europe, New Zealand and Australia for various purposes. Due to its wide range of uses, Hebel is presumed to be an ideal cladding material. Below are the ways to which Hebel cladding delivers a warmer and safer home.

More Thermal Insulation for a Warmer Home

Hebel panels perform well thermally, helping to keep your house cool from the heat in summer, and keeping it warm and cosy in winter. That means less reliance on heating and cooling and can lead to savings on energy costs.

Hebel cladding is said to provide more thermal insulation than its counterparts. Hebel AAC offers up to 25 per cent more heat insulation than ventilated AAC and 31 per cent more insulation than brick veneer. Thus, it goes to show that surfaces with Hebel cladding can perform well thermally. It can help you keep the home cool during the summer season while maintaining a warm and cosy temperature during winter. It can help you be comfortable within the confines of your house regardless of the seasons and weather conditions. Consequently, you will rely less on temperature-controlling machines such as heating and cooling systems, further reducing your energy consumption and expenses.

Durable and Fire-Resistant to Ensure Safety

Used right across the construction sector, Hebel AAC products are non-combustible. They are suitable for external walls/facades, internal walls, floors, fencing, sound barriers, fire & acoustic walls and fire tunnels.

Despite its non-structural nature, the use of Hebel for cladding is guaranteed to promote a safer environment for your home. Their steel reinforcements installed for additional strength acts as an anti-corrosion layer on the steel to ensure its durability. In comparison, a standard Hebel panel constitutes the strength of 75 traditional bricks. Thus, it ensures the use of good quality concrete material for a safer home.

If you are residing in an area with a high bush fire danger zone, then Hebel cladding is essential for your construction needs. Hebel cladding has excellent fire-resistant properties as tested by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). It achieved Fire Resistance Levels (FRLs) of 60 minutes through to 240 minutes. Hebel cladding also met and exceeded the requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) categories. It is a non-combustible building material.

It is important to use Hebel cladding in ensuring your comfort and safety in your own home. And which better store to avail of CSR Hebel materials than that of BuildCor Building Solutions. We supply and install CSR Hebel that guarantees quality workmanship that is second to none.