What Can You Build with Selkirk Bricks from Buildcor Building Solutions?

11 March 2021

Selkirk bricks have long been acknowledged as among Australia’s best. Selkirk’s quality procedures, ongoing investment in technology and unique clay deposits from Victoria’s Goldfield region set standards for durability and strength.

Selkirk bricks has created both contemporary and classic building materials. You’re sure to find inspiration for your perfect home amongst our range of clay brick products. We offer colours and textures to suit any taste or architectural style. You won’t find better materials to build with than those from Selkirk.

With our roots proudly based in regional Victoria, our progressive company has built a solid foundation on craftsmanship, service and expertise. While our focus remains on these important qualities, Selkirk is committed to innovation.

Our continuous improvement and product development has made Selkirk a well respected industry leader. More than ever, we are committed to the vision first established by our founder Robert Selkirk in 1883. His original principles of expert craftsmanship through a time-honoured technique, resulting in unique, high-quality products, still hold true today. Selkirk presents superior quality building materials for residential, landscaping and commercial projects. We invite you to take a closer look, and see what you can build with Selkirk.

Selkirk Bricks are Sustainable

Bricks are manufactured to last forever, making brick an inherently sustainable building material. Bricks require minimal work to keep them looking great. After all, your home should be a retreat, not another job! Bricks are strong and will resist harsh weather conditions, termites and noise.

Selkirk Bricks are Energy Efficient and Versatile

Bricks have a high thermal mass producing a cooler house in summer and warmer house in winter. This can significantly reduce your energy bills. Selkirk offers a vast range of brick colours and styles to choose from. Whether your tastes are modern, classic or anywhere in between, we have a brick to suit your project. You could be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable bricks are. Furthermore, after the initial investment, ongoing costs are extremely low.

Below are few of Selkirk Bricks Collections.

Designer Collection: This collection is straight down the line. The neat, smooth and even styling of this collection compliments the square edges and linear shapes of contemporary home designs. Subtle variations in tone add a delightful dimension to the finished building.

Traditional Red Collection: The classic elegance of our traditional red collection offers an irresistible charm and sophistication for period and contemporary homes. This range will colour your imagination,

satisfy contemporary design trends and provide the character which makes your home unique.

Prestige Collection: This particular collection has impressive bricks to create an enviable home. Reflecting the breathtaking colours and vast horizons of Australia, this collection provides richness and depth to your project. The vibrant hues and appealing textures afford a sense of warmth and welcomes you to your dream home.