Things That Make Slate Roofing the Best Option

23 March 2020

More often than not, you will spot a slate roofing in Australia. Most residential building owners opt for this type of roofing due to the number of advantages it poses. Below are the things that make slate roofing the best option.

Style and Colour Selection

Various slate roofing styles vary from textural and finished installations to miscellaneous shades and designs. Two of the most popular styles discovered are the conventional pattern form and the blind width form. Not exclusively can slate differ in form, but additionally in composition, which can vary from very soft and smooth to very coarse and rough. The colour of slate varies from softened to lively hues, greys and charcoals are the most well-known shades but there are likewise greens, blues and reds.


Slate is a uniform metamorphic rock that is obtained from an unusual shale-type sedimentary rock made of earth or lava ash by low-grade localised metamorphism. Accordingly, this roofing substance is millions of ages old. This is incredibly tough and can persist many hundred years, usually with limited to no care. You can get at least 75 to 100 years or longer out of your roof. Nonetheless, you must not install anything upon your slate roofs like sealant or varnish as this can make the roof age early.

Length of Usage

Slate is also known as the “forever roof” since homeowners will just require putting particularly one on in their life, although a shingle roof might require to be repaired two or three times. There is another advantage of slate roofing – it can enhance the resale price of your house because of its natural charm and strength. Slate is identified as an economical roofing substance and will improve the compositional form of your house and keep the same look over the ages. Other advantages of slate roofing incorporate its universal capability to be fire rebellious and mildew resistant and slate’s low water saturation makes it extremely repellent to frost erosion and damage due to freezing.


Slate is a notably large substance and can withstand 500 pounds when it comes to your roof. If your house is not constructed for slate, you might need to get in touch with a structural engineer who can examine your roof. This will make sure that your roof is made to carry the load of the slate roofing.


When you compare the benefits of the slate roof with others, nothing comes close. The price margin of the slate roof varies from 15 to 16 dollars per square foot installed. Moreover, the price also depends on the shape and size of your home and roof pitch.

For further facts about slate roofing, consult with BuildCor. We specialise in installing this roofing material along with concrete, terracotta and ceramic roof tiles.