The Importance of Fire-safe Cladding Systems in Construction Projects

11 February 2021

Depending on the material, cladding can be significant in shielding your structure from the danger of fire. There’s no creative science behind this, you simply need to choose cladding manufactured from a substance that doesn’t combust without any problem. As your cladding sits over the structure, if flares experience a non-combustible substance first, it will take them longer to spread.

From best to worst, here are the imperviousness to fire rankings for some basic cladding materials. Brick has an excellent imperviousness to fire, while steel or concrete boards/weatherboards have a high imperviousness to fire. On one hand, aluminium and reconstituted wood items have a good imperviousness to fire. Lastly, wood weatherboard or pressed wood sheets have a poor imperviousness to fire.

Architects need to watch out for changing guidelines concerning imperviousness to fire and building cladding. Australian officials will stick to this same pattern, as per the Australian Financial Review – so make certain to search for updates when arranging your next task.

Fire-safe Cladding Systems in Construction Projects

A cladding system is an external layer of material covering another. Cladding materials come in numerous forms, from contemporary to exemplary, utilizing a characteristic item like lumber or block (produced using mud), or man-made materials. What’s significant is that they contain non-flammable treatment, within the correct accreditation and are accurately introduced so they can perform to standard in an unfortunate occasion.

When utilizing man-made materials, they can likewise be immersed with a fire retardant, similar to the MasterWall cladding boards, which are additionally protected. Fire retardant EPS (expanded polystyrene) shrivels away from the warmth when presented to start energy and doesn’t give the course by which fire will spread through a structure. This is a standard prerequisite for the Building Code of Australia.

Why Choose MasterWall for Your Fireproof Wall Cladding Facades

MasterWall System meets all Australian conditions (CodeMark accredited / Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29 / Cyclonic C4 Rating) to provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient, weather-tight building envelope with design flexibility, economy, excellent performance credentials, and a low life cycle cost. This is why MasterWall is the leading choice of Australian builders, architects and designers.

MasterWall Wall Cladding is an external lightweight, fibreglass reinforced, insulating wall cladding system that has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions. It is based on proven technology used extensively throughout Europe and North America for more than 60 years (also commonly referred to as EIFS – External Insulation Finishing Systems). The complete system includes the application of approved acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings that combine to create a lightweight, weather-tight building envelope.