The Basics of Cemintel Lightweight Fibre Cement Systems

27 January 2022

CSR Cemintel provides a complete range of lightweight fibre cement systems like external facades, internal linings, flooring and ceiling systems. We provide a range of lightweight and durable building materials across residential and commercial applications.

We are fibre cement and lightweight composite solution specialists. With design and innovation as our central drivers, Cemintel is focused on a fresh, intuitive approach to façades, building solutions and feature walls. Our passion is to help Australians design right and build better.

Cemintel offer engineered systems around prefinished solutions. With enhanced performance and aesthetics, as well as traditional internal lining products. Through innovation and intelligence with cement panels and what we do with them, we are creating products, systems and services that inspire, giving choices and design flexibility to make striking points of difference.

Fibre cement is perhaps one of the most flexible building materials available today. It is manufactured in numerous panel sizes and thicknesses and is cut into various shapes and patterns. It is also compressed for high strength applications. It can be used in acoustic systems. Cemintel products can be used as a superior wet area lining product. It can be painted and tiled. It can also be used for fire resistance applications.

New materials influence the way buildings are defined. Cemintel is responding to the growing importance of external and internal cladding with the new prefinished ranges. These ranges respond to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live. From external façades to interior surfaces, these ranges are a reinterpretation of cladding as we know it.

We offer a selection of prefinished façades from classic materials such as weatherboard, to contemporary profiles such as our new Territory™ and Surround™ ranges.

Internal Lining

We have a range of internal walling solutions ideal for wet area applications.

Eaves & Soffits

Complete your project by selecting a Cemintel ceiling solution used in residential or commercial applications.

Flooring & Decking

Choose from our range of advanced lightweight fibre cement flooring solutions – suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Another reason to turn to CSR Cemintel products for your facade renovation is that the company takes an innovative, intuitive approach to manufacturing lightweight facades. For this reason, these products make your structure stand out from the ones in the surrounding area that use a lesser-quality facade choice.

CSR Cemintel products include the necessary technology and engineering to fulfil the unique design needs of commercial, and residential projects today here in Australia. These products offer a wide assortment of lightweight fibre cement solutions, for not only internal surfaces, but also external facades. Also, you can use certain ones for internal and external cladding. This company delivers high-quality products that perform durably throughout the year in various types of environments. Read on to learn additional facts about why these products are ideal for all facade refurbishment projects in Australia.

For further details about CSR Cemintel products for all facade renovation projects in Australia, consult with BuildCor Building Solutions. We are reliable suppliers for all these products and other building products for residential projects.