Styling Features of a Boral Roof Tiling

26 May 2022

Investing in a home is one of the best investments you can make. Your home’s roof serves as both a barrier and a marker. A house’s roof is also the house’s single biggest surface area, making it a major architectural component. Whether you’re starting from the ground up, adding on, remodelling, or re-roofing your ideal house, you must make the right choice. Your home’s architectural design should be ideally complemented by the strength and resilience of your roof.

Boral flat roof tiles are one of the most common western roofing types. Because these roof tiles have been in style since time immemorial, they may be used on any type of home, regardless of the style. There are several types of roofs that might be considered “modernistic,” but Boral tiles stand out from the crowd since they are classic, attractive, and long-lasting.

Can Improve Your Home’s Appearance

It’s hard to beat Boral flat roof tiles in terms of value for money when it comes to updating the aesthetic of your home without breaking the bank. There is a Boral tile to suit any taste, whether you’re seeking something homey and rustic or a more sophisticated, luxury vibe for your house!

Compared to other roofing materials and other types of roof tiles, Boral flat roof tiles have the following advantages:

Exceptional Form and Shape – Boral tiles have a unique shape, allowing for the uniform distribution of heat and the simple evacuation of collected precipitation and possible debris, which makes them ideal for roofs. This level of surface aids in the cooling and warming of residences in the daytime and at night.

Reliable Durability – Tiles made of ceramic are more durable than those made of corrugated aluminium or any other contemporary material. In addition, they are resistant to significant weathering and temperature variations.
Additionally, this will save money in the long run compared to other roofing materials that require a lot of upkeep and repair.

Unparalleled Beauty – Boral tiles are in a league of their own when compared to other types of roofing materials in terms of their visual appeal. When trying to achieve a certain aesthetic, the fact that Boral flat roof tiles come in such a broad range of colour options and surface patterns may be quite beneficial.

Reliable Features

It is important to keep in mind that all Boral roof tiles are salt-safe, frost-resistant, and non-combustible. Because of this, they are suited for any region, including coastal locations and places that are prone to bushfires.

Complex Choices

There is a wide variety of profiles available for Boral roof tiles, ranging from tiles with a flat smooth surface to tiles with visible undulations or waves on the surface of the tile. The slope of your roof and the architectural design of your home will be important factors to take into account when selecting a tile profile. Boral’s Designer Ceramic, Terracotta, and Concrete ranges each include a colour pallet that includes warm tones, cool tones, and neutral tones.

Outstanding Accessorial Features

The moment has come to add some finishing touches to your roof, and when it comes to roofing, these are no frills. Functional performance is enhanced by several accessories, such as sarking. The correct accessories may transform a conventional feature into a prominent one like everything else in your house.

Roof attachments offered by Boral include:

Sarking – As a means of enhancing both energy efficiency and weatherproofing, reflective foil insulation is highly recommended for all tiled roofs. It’s a requirement that has to be met throughout construction.

• Accent Ridge – A low-line ridge method for accentuating tiles is known as Accent Ridge. Ridge capping is aligned end-to-end in a single, uninterrupted line.

Other equipment Depending on the style of your home and the form of the roof, Boral provides a variety of crests and finials to cap off ridges and apexes.

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