Slate Roofing for the Best Insulation and Elegant Look for Your Home

10 October 2019

When in search of a roofing material that will provide effective insulation for and an elegant look to your house, you need to consider the attributes of slate roofing. Slate comes in various colours that range from grey to mottled green. These colours complement a wide assortment of home exterior colours. Also, when the slate is installed correctly, your roof will be durable and provide high insulating properties. On top of all this, slate is one with nature. We discuss this roofing material in more detail in the following.

Slate Varies in Colour

You can choose from an assortment of colours since slate comes in various shades that range from mottled green to grey. It is important to select the shade that best complements your house’s exterior.

A Slate Roof Provides an Elegant Appearance to Your House

Whichever colour of slate that you select, you wind up with an elegant roof that enhances the overall appearance of your house favourably. Not all roofing materials can achieve this level of elegance. Slate is so effective with this that many property owners of historic homes choose it for their roofs.

With Proper Installation, a Slate Roof Will Help Insulate Your Home

As long as your slate roofing tiles are installed in the right fashion, they create a roof that helps insulate your house effectively all throughout the year. With today’s goals of conserving energy, this is an important benefit since it will reduce your power bills.

Slate Roofing Material is a Natural Material

Due to the fact that slate is a natural stone, it does not emit any volatile organic compounds or other toxic elements during its manufacturing process. This makes this an extremely eco-friendly choice for roofing material.

Slate Roofs are Highly Durable and Fire-Resistant

Being of natural stone, slate roofs are fire-resistant and ideal for fire-prone areas. In addition to this fact, these roofs are so durable that they often outlive the houses that they protect. They can last up to 75 to 100 years.

Slate Roofs are a Budget-Friendly Choice

Even though slate roofing is pricier in comparison to some other roofing materials, it is still a cost-effective choice since it is so long-lasting. You will not need to replace it as often as one installed with asphalt shingles or other materials.

For further facts about slate roofing, consult with BuildCor. We specialise in installing this roofing material along with concrete, terracotta and ceramic roof tiles. All work is backed with a guarantee to protect your investment. Upon request, we issue an accurate quote.