Roof Slates Guide: Choosing Between Spanish, Canadian, and Welsh Slates

28 April 2020

Slate roofing is one of the best ways to ensure superb protection for one’s property. For many centuries, the material has been the undisputed first choice for millions of home and business owners. Some of the most iconic churches, cathedrals, museums and other heritage buildings have slate roofs. Most Australian property owners choose slate for all their roofing needs. Apart from their durable and long lasting nature, slate tiles are also known for their aesthetic beauty.

A slate roof is quite an asset for any property owner. It will protect your home for many decades. Many homeowners choose slate solely because it requires very less maintenance. That is true for most types of natural slate materials. Slate is impermeable and highly resistant to hail, ice or rain damage. While most slate types share the properties mentioned above, the degree varies based on specific materials. The most commonly used slates for home roofing are Spanish, Canadian and Welsh slates. Below is a roof slates guide into these common slate roofing.

Spanish Slate

Spain exports most of the world’s slate today. Spanish Del Carmen slate is one of the most famous types of slate. This slate can be identified by its riven texture and deep blue-black colour. Many homeowners choose Spanish Del Carmen slates due to their amazing beauty and quality. Even in the harshest conditions, the colour of these slate tiles do not fade. This slate type can be a great choice for your home due to their durability. Many homes and businesses prefer Del Carmen slates over traditional British ones, due to their richer colours.

Canadian Slate

Also known as Canadian Glendyne slate, this is one of  These are one of the popularly used slate roofing materials. Glendyne slates are generally charcoal grey in colour. These slate tiles are known for their smooth textures and are ideal for residential properties. Glendynes are free from any pyrites and metals. This slate type can give your property an elegant and premium look.

Welsh Slate

Wales is home to the most famous slate tile globally – the Bangor Blue. Industry experts also call it the ‘best slate in the world’. Most Bangor Blue Welsh slate is sourced from 600 million year old deposits. Hence, they are more durable and long lasting than any other slate type. It is undoubtedly the best choice if you are concerned about durability. However, they tend to be expensive than other slate types.

Ultimately, the decision regarding the choice of slate roof tiles is the homeowners. The information mentioned above can help you make up your mind. Always make sure you are getting any installations done by experienced slate roofing professionals.

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