Main Features and Applications of Selkirk Bricks

25 March 2022

For centuries, the construction industry has maximised bricks in ensuring that various buildings and structures can boast long-lasting frameworks and appealing surfaces. The industry has even experimented with the composition of bricks to further improve their qualities.

One of the main materials that are still used in producing bricks is clay. Clay has been preferred by manufacturers of bricks and contractors since it offers superior thermal mass. It also boasts excellent acoustic insulation, reputable strength and durability, and energy efficiency. All these qualities make bricks very useful in constructing durable and long-lasting buildings and structures.

Keep in mind, however, that not all bricks are made similarly. Some producers of bricks may utilise materials that could affect their overall strength and longevity. Others may even substitute the elements just to keep the costs down.

Getting to Know Selkirk

One company, fortunately, that contributes high-quality bricks to the construction industry today is Selkirk. For more than 130 years, the company has created and produced various contemporary and classic building materials to cater to the needs of the construction industry, particularly here in Australia. Thanks to the solid service and expertise of their employees, the company has offered and continuously offers materials with various colours and textures so they can fit any architectural style.

Selkirk Bricks Features

Of course, one of the core materials in construction projects is brick. Hence, Selkirk has ventured into brick production so they can reach as many properties as possible. Selkirk bricks have been recognised to be one of the best construction materials here in Australia as they offer the following features:

  • Robust– Selkirk bricks are strong and durable thanks to their resistance to harsh weather conditions like rain, heat, and wind. They can also withstand termites and noise.
  • Energy-Efficient– Bricks from Selkirk are comprised of materials that grant them higher thermal mass compared to others. This quality allows these bricks to provide cooler properties on hotter days and warmer properties on colder days, reducing the energy bills along the way.
  • Low Upkeep– Selkirk bricks are used by many contractors as they only require minimal upkeep compared to other materials. So, despite continuous exposure to outdoor elements, they are expected to retain their qualities even without regular maintenance.
  • Appealing– One quality that Selkirk bricks can retain despite minimal upkeep is their overall appeal. Selkirk bricks can boast various colours, designs, and styles to ensure that all property owners can obtain their needed property designs.
  • Affordable– Selkirk bricks are not only strong and appealing, but they are also affordable. The excellent properties of bricks are paired with very competitive pricing, trumping almost all products that are being offered in the market right now.

Utilising Selkirk Bricks

Selkirk bricks, as mentioned earlier, can boast various colours, designs, and styles. Hence, some of them can boast qualities that make them recommended for properties in natural and urban environments. Selkirk bricks can also cater to the needs of contemporary and traditional property designs. As for finishing touches, they can be effectively paired with either Rolled or Flush Mortar joints.

To gain access to Selkirk bricks, you can contact us at BuildCor.