Installation of Spanish Slate Roofing: Qualities that Will Make Make Your Roof Stand Out

16 October 2019

By installing a Spanish slate roof on your home, you are adding natural beauty, timeless character and lasting value to your residence. This desirable rock is quarried, or mined, from holes, tunnels, pits or deep shafts in the ground. First, it must be crafted by hand into workable sizes. It can then be split into roofing shingles with the use of hammers and chisels. These shingles are then perforated with nail holes to prepare each thin slab of slate to be attached securely to a roof deck with nails. Once installed, slate roofs will normally last for at least 100 years. There are valid reports of slate roofs that have endured for two and even four centuries.

Qualities that Will Make Your Roof of Spanish Slate Stand Out

Spanish slate roofs are known for their beauty, elegance, strength and longevity. Usually blue-grey in colour, these natural slate shingles from Spain may also be streaked or edged with deep purple, red or grey-green. Qualities and features that will make your handsome roofing of Spanish slate stand out include the following:

• Non-porous, Waterproof Rock that is Mold-and-Fire-Resistant. Slate roofing is non-porous and will protect your home from water leaks for 100 years or more, and your expert roofing company will guarantee it to do so. Made of pure natural rock, slate shingles are also resistant to both mold development and fire occurrences. If a fire should start in electrical wiring between the ceiling of your home’s upper floor and the underlying roofing, the early flames and smoke will most likely be stifled and extinguished by the layer of sturdy, non-porous slate shingles above.

• Environmentally Friendly Material. If you have an older slate roof that needs a partial or complete replacement, the slate shingles removed can be discarded safely as clean landfill. Spanish slate roofs are eco-friendly since they contain no toxic waste, unlike many composite or synthetic roofing materials, which often contain petrochemicals. Any of these natural slate shingles that are not damaged can also be repurposed for use when replacing missing shingles on other slate roofs.

Also, Spanish slate is free of pyrite, which is a mineral consisting of iron and sulfur that is known as a primary contaminant of groundwater and streams and can be found in some roofing materials. This contamination is caused when pyrite oxidises, releasing toxic metal substances and metalloids like poisonous Arsenic into water and soil.

• Cost-Effective Roofing. Spanish slate roofing is probably the least costly roofing material available today when the life expectancy of the roof is considered. Your attractive new Spanish slate roof can easily outlast several lifetimes of other roofing materials like asphalt and timbre shingles or concrete, terracotta and metal tiles. When you realise the added value offered by the waterproof, mold-resistant and fire-resistant properties of slate shingles plus the additional curb appeal and market value that a new slate roof will provide, you will be delighted with the cost-savings it will ensure.

When you consult the slate roofing experts of BuildCor Building Solutions with stores in Campbellfield, Taylors Lakes, and Bendigo, you will receive ultimate quality advice concerning the installation of a highly attractive and durable new Spanish slate roof on your home. Our experienced professionals will also repair your current slate roof if needed. Our excellent team of roofers will ensure that you and your family gain the optimal pleasures and benefits from your elegant and practical roof of fine Spanish slate for at least one century and perhaps even longer.