How to Avoid Issues in Slate Roofing Installation

24 January 2020

For many, slate is one attractive, durable, and waterproof roofing material. That is why it is common for homeowners to have slate roofs due to its multiple advantages. It is significantly more expensive than other roofing materials but people find it beneficial enough to look the other way. However, issue often arise in slate roofing installation. Below are the ways on how to avoid them.

Research Extensively on Slate

You need to conduct rigorous research before initiating the slate roof installation process. The items like head and side laps, drip edges, cant strips, and straps on ridges are to be taken into consideration. Before buying the slate material from the market, you should remember that there are various kinds of slate. The quality, texture, and thickness of a slate material are not the same. Some slate materials have a shorter lifespan and cannot be repaired by any means. On the other hand, some slate materials are high in thickness and roofers find them difficult to cut. Henceforth, proper research is necessary under all circumstances.

Determine Your Type of Slate

Before selecting slate tiles, be sure to determine their type. You must take into account the aspects of size, quality, type, and thickness. It is recommended to choose a superior quality slate material. In this case, you can avail of the full benefits of slate roofing structures.

Use Underlayment Properly

Most roofers face slate roof installation problems relating to the underlayment. The underlayment makes the entire roofing system watertight. If the underlayment is not used properly, it will lead to water damages in the slate roofing structure. A proper underlayment makes a slate roof last for centuries.

Anchor Head and Side Laps Accurately

It is always a better decision to anchor the head laps and side laps accurately while installing slate tiles. Roofers have to keep this fact in mind. If the measurements are not calculated precisely, it is bound to hurt the entire roofing structure.

Step Away from Slate During Installation

You should take some precautionary measures while installing slate tiles in your house. Do not walk on the slate roofs during the installation process, which otherwise, can result in breaking of slate tiles. If the roofers have no other option apart from crossing the slate for performing their operations, roof jacks and planks can come in handy as they prevent cracking of slate tiles.

Avoid Cheap Flashing Material

It is better to avoid cheap flashing material as it can cause long-lasting damage to your slate roof. It is recommended to choose a flashing material that is made of copper or stainless steel.

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