Hebel, Masterwall, and Cemintel: External Wall Cladding Ideas for Australian Homes

30 June 2020

External wall cladding is invented to protect the outer surface of the walls. It coats surfaces with an added level of protection. The weather damage can be minimised to quite an extent with the help of right external wall cladding materials. In order for the modern buildings to last long, wall cladding is extremely necessary.

External wall cladding is also a great measure for insulation and for temperature control and enhances the acoustics of the structure. Moreover, given the radical increase in pollution, structures these days have to endure a lot of dust and dirt. With the right cladding materials, you get the much-needed additional cover for your structure. Below are three external wall cladding products for Australian homes – Hebel, Masterwall and Cemintel.


Hebel is a solid, adaptable, elite structure item produced using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). As Australia’s sole maker of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), CSR Hebel has more than 25 years of experience, which implies that you can be guaranteed of getting top notch items with all the specialised skill to back them up.

It is additionally accessible in blocks and panels, Hebel is anything but difficult to deal with, rapidly to work with, and better to live in. Hebel panels contain anti-corrosion steel reinforcement for included quality and are accessible in a scope of lengths for applications including dividers, floors and outside cladding. Hebel conveys a scope of advantages to both the manufacturer and property holder – it is fast and simple to work with, better to live in, and a practical method to fabricate.

A lightweight stone work item, Hebel reproduces a mineral that as of now exists in nature and uses promptly accessible crude materials, for example, sand, concrete, lime and gypsum, which joined with water and a development specialist, delivers an excellent workmanship material. Hebel items guarantee a quicker development time and offers a similar measure of obstruction as the customary block workmanship. It is additionally a vigorous structure material that is amazingly financially savvy.

The steel strengthened panels give strong feel, security and true serenity, which is related with conventional blocks and it highlights prevalent protection characteristics. Being condition cordial, Hebel items like Hebel Fences and Hebel Flooring give the mortgage holders complete genuine feelings of serenity about utilizing an item that has 30% lower natural effect. It additionally utilizes 60% less typified vitality and making 55% less nursery emanations.


The MasterWall Insulated External Wall System is intended to give a dependable, vitality productive, climate tight structure envelope with compositional trustworthiness and magnificent execution accreditations. MasterWall offers fashioners the capacity to make without bargain, and manufacturers to develop rapidly, adequately and monetarily while decreasing the carbon impression of the structure. This is the reason MasterWall is the main decision of Australian property holders, manufacturers, modellers, and creators.

MasterWall has gotten interchangeable with protected outer polystyrene cladding divider frameworks, spearheading the total framework approach that is presently settled as industry best practice. The MasterWall System meets every Australian condition to give a durable, vitality effective, climate tight structure envelope with plan adaptability, economy, fantastic execution certifications, and a bastard cycle cost. This is the reason MasterWall is the main decision of Australian manufacturers, draftsmen and planners.

MasterWall Polystyrene Wall Cladding is an outer lightweight, fibreglass fortified, protecting divider cladding framework that has been explicitly evolved to meet Australian conditions. The total framework incorporates the use of endorsed acrylic render frameworks, outline wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings that join to make a lightweight, climate tight structure envelope.


CSR Cemintel includes building and innovation with regards to plan and feel for private and business development ventures. CSR Cemintel gives a total scope of lightweight fibre concrete frameworks that gives prefinished solutions for outer façades to inside surfaces, including deck and roof frameworks. CSR Cemintel’s one of a kind prefinished ranges give lightweight and strong structure materials for outside and inside cladding arrangements. The high calibre and phenomenal execution of CSR Cemintel will upgrade your general condition with quality and sturdiness.