Have Your Roofing System Ready for the Summer Season with BuildCor

01 December 2022

Your roof may have sustained some damage over the course of the last several seasons. It is not unusual for roofs to sustain damage due to the presence of elements such as dirt, snow, ice, wind, and fluctuating temperatures. Broken shingles and gutters that are damaged can be the precursors to more serious issues, such as water seepage and vermin infestation.

Make use of the recommendations that are provided below to protect your roof against damage of this kind and get it ready for the summer.

Cover the Panels, Roof, and Conduit Lines That Have Rusted

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your roofing materials, which can cause them to deteriorate over time. The roof’s lifespan will be extended and protected if an aluminium cover is applied to it. When properly placed, the rays will be deflected away, protecting the roof from damage.

Cut Back the Vegetation Around

Taking this one easy action can assist in the protection of your roof in a variety of different ways. You may avoid having your gutters become blocked by pruning back any branches that are blocking them. In addition, you won’t have to worry about any harm being done by branches that have fallen or been pulled off. If you reside in a region that is prone to storms, this is a step that is extremely crucial for you to take. Hurricanes frequently result in the breaking and falling of tree limbs, which can occasionally penetrate the roof of a building. If you spend some time trimming back branches that hang over your roof, you can prevent possible damage caused by storms from occurring to your roof. The branches that are diseased, dead, or dangling dangerously near the house should be the primary focus of your pruning efforts.

Have the Gutters Cleaned

If your gutters are clogged when the first season’s rain falls, you might be in for some problems. When your gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris, water cannot flow through them and away from the house as it normally would. Because of this, there is a risk of water damage and flooding in the basement. Summer is the best time to clear up your property’s gutters and drain spouts. It is highly recommended that you clear the roof of any branches and other debris. Because of this, your gutters will not immediately become clogged with debris again.


To get your roof ready for the warm weather, you first need to give it a thorough inspection. Examine the item carefully for any indications of damage or anything that seems out of the norm. This may include missing shingles, exposed nails, wavy flashing, disconnected gutters, and various other issues. Fixes are readily available for every one of these issues. If you do not feel confident evaluating the roof on your own, you should engage a reputable roofing firm to inspect on your behalf. With this method, you will be able to determine whether or not your roof needs any repair to be done on it.


You must also pay attention to the insulation beneath your roof. Proper insulation helps the home maintain a comfortable temperature and keeps your cooling costs low during hot summer days. If it is not already insulated, hire a professional to install insulation in your attic.

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