General Care and Maintenance Tips for Exterior Brick Walls

24 May 2021

Brick is a material worked to last, however it requires some maintenance. While a few cases are better left for the experts, there are numerous ways for mortgage holders to keep up and forestall further harm to brick. These straightforward maintenance tips will help keep your brick, and your home, looking brand new. Its energy effectiveness and tasteful allure are a special reward as far as resale esteem. Brick is generally maintenance-free, however periodic cleaning, spot checks for water harm, and repointing are important to guarantee enduring primary respectability. Below are general care and maintenance tips for exterior brick walls.

Exterior Brick Wall Cleaning

The gentlest methodology ought to be your first strategy with regards to cleaning brick. Very much like ruined garments, various kinds of earth on your home’s exterior will require an alternate cleaning specialist. Below are the most common issues regarding exterior brick wall cleaning.

Mould and Mildew: On the off chance that a specific side of your home gets practically zero daylight and the close by vegetation is clammy, be watching out for greenery, form, or mould development. An answer of one cup of blanch blended in with a gallon of water can be applied with a scour brush can be utilised to clean most trouble spots. Utilise a characteristic or manufactured fibre brush. Before applying a sanitiser answer for brick, give the territory an exhaustive splashing. This will help keep the brick from engrossing the sanitiser.

Water Damage: Water damage is brought about by one of two conditions: sprinkle back or rising moist. In sprinkle back, downpour persistently beating against the brick douses into the mortar, causing the mortar joints or the bricks to break. Rising sodden outcomes when groundwater leaks up from underneath, leaving behind what is known as a tide line.

Exterior Brick Wall Maintenance Techniques

Repointing – This is vital in places where the mortar joints have become delicate or the actual mortar is broken or harmed. The harmed mortar is taken out carefully so as not to upset the encompassing brickwork. New mortar is applied in layers. While repointing, the profundity of the new mortar ought to be double the width of the mortar joint. Mortar applied straightforwardly to the harmed surface won’t hold up.

Paint Removal – Eliminating paint from brick can be a meticulous cycle. Synthetic medicines turn out best for paint expulsion and are best left to experts. Sandblasting ought to never be the solution for paint expulsion, as it makes enduring harm to the excellence and uprightness of brick. The excess brick will be unpleasant on the surface, and since sandblasting eliminates the oven solidified external fire-skin of the brick, it will turn out to be more defenceless to soil development and dampness entrance. This is particularly valid for bricks made before the turn of the century.