Expert Slate Roofing and Slate Restoration Services in Melbourne: Contact BuildCor Building Solutions

03 September 2019

The experts at BuildCor Building Solutions provide superior quality slate roofing installation services to the entire Melbourne area and throughout regional Victoria. This top-rated company imports the ultimate quality Spanish slate currently available. BuildCor’s experienced roofing professionals also supply and install Welsh and Canadian slate roofing as needed. This fine roofing team has recently completed numerous Heritage projects, including the See Yup Temple in South Melbourne, the Kyneton Court House and the Woodend Railway Station. These experts are also well known for their excellent residential slate roofing installation and restoration services.

Why Top Quality Slate Roofing and Restoration Services Are Essential in Melbourne and Surrounding Regions

As a sedimentary rock, slate is an excellent choice for durable and attractive roofing material. It can be split along its natural faults, fractures and lines to make sturdy, weather-resistant roof tiles. This high quality natural stone provides each home with a unique and appealing appearance. Slate is used globally as a reliable building and roofing material today, and slate roofing tiles complement many different architectural home designs. Slate tiling for roof installations is also available in many different sizes and thicknesses. These tiles can range in colour from varied greys and blues to blacks and even shades of purple.

A beautiful, expertly installed slate tile roof can last more than one hundred-fifty years. When well maintained and repaired or restored as needed, a slate roof can wear well for even longer. This eco-friendly natural roofing material is also fire-proof and energy-efficient during harsh seasonal weather conditions. Secure slate tiling on your roof will prevent ceiling water leaks on the upper floor of your home. Your slate roofing will not be damaged by the weight of heavy snowfall or severe sleet or hail storms. In addition, your home heating and cooling costs will stay low with slate tiling installed on your roof since slate tiles will protect your home from both hot and cold climatic extremes in temperature.

Different types of slate tile roofing now in popular use in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria include the following:

• Spanish Slate. This type of slate is also known as Del Carmen Ultra and is available in handsome black, charcoal and deep blue colours.

• Slate from Northwest Spain. Spanish slate found in Northwestern Spain, called Cupa, is easy to recognise by its deep blue hues.

• Welsh Slate. Slate from Wales, known as Bugail, has an attractive blue-grey colour. The type of Welsh slate known as Penryhn is appealing for its natural colouring of pale purplish-plum.

• Canadian Slate. One type of roofing slate from Canada that is popular among homeowners is North Country Unfading Black slate.

When you contact the experts of BuildCor Building Solutions, you will receive top caliber advice, slate roofing tiles and complete installation or restoration services for your home in Melbourne or regional Victoria. Our top-rated company has convenient store locations in Campbellfield, Taylors Lakes and Bedigo. Our fine team of roofing specialists will ensure that you select the ideal type and colour of beautiful natural slate roofing tiles to greatly enhance your home’s appearance, protection, energy efficiency and market value.