Essential Tips Before Hiring a Slate Roofing Company

02 December 2019

It is normal for everyone to think through every decision they make especially if their repercussion holds a great significance for a long time. Such is also true in hiring a slate roofing company. All of them will claim that they are reliable and expert in doing the construction work you desire. But that won’t be for certain until they actually do the job. Below are the essential tips before hiring a slate roofing company.

Be Present When They Inspect the Roof

People normally pay less attention on the estimation and inspection and more on the other parts of the slate roofing process. However, they do not know that this first part is considered one of the most crucial. You have to meet with the representative of the slate roofing company of your liking so that you will know  what needs to be repaired on the roof and what price they are going to charge for their work. Be home when they arrive so you can make sure they go on the roof and see what the problems are before quoting.

Ask Questions

Since you are paying these people to do construction work in your roof, you are entitled to ask few questions regarding the condition of your roof and their qualifications for doing the slate roofing job. Any decent contractor will be more than happy to spend the time necessary to answer all your questions. You can also base your decision on whether you are going to hire them or not based on their answers and overall presentation.

Get a Second or Third Opinion

Just like a medical consultation, you have to get a second or third opinion just to make sure they made the right call. You have to always remember to compare the quotes for the same make and model because there are instances wherein slate roofing companies use different types of material. You have to keep in mind that getting the lowest price for your slate roofing is not the best deal for you.

Cross-Check Slate Roof Company with Previous Work

Always check the slate roof company’s website and examples of their previous slate work. Make sure they can give you some referrals of past work they have done and people you can contact. Any decent roofing contractor should have at least three they can rattle off quickly. Be sure to contact these people and even drive past their homes and sight the quality and craftsmanship of the work carried out.

Before and After Photos

Documentation is the key in a slate roofing job. You need to see what the issue was on the roof before they started the work just so you could be sure that they did not do more harm than good up there in your roof. Shoddy workmanship happens and you need to see the evidence of the work being carried out and completed before parting with your money.

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