Embrace the Beauty of Slate Roofing through TapcoSlate

09 May 2022

Homeowners can choose from a wide array of roofing materials. But one kind of roofing that many of them go for today is the slate roofing.

A slate roofing is a premium roofing that is made from natural slate tiles and other related roofing materials. One great thing about this type of roofing is it is energy-efficient. Slate tiles are very dense, allowing them to keep your home cool on hot days and vice versa. A slate roofing is also fire-resistant, which can be valuable for properties in bushfire-prone areas. Slate tiles are also long-lasting, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, and appealing.

These advantages of slate roofing, fortunately, can be enhanced further with the right processing.

TapcoSlate as the Excellent Slate Roofing Option

One manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality slate roofing is Tapco Roofing Products. This manufacturer has been crafting appealing, authentic, and durable roofs for decades. And by integrating various innovations in the industry, Tapco Roofing Products has come up with TapcoSlate, a slate roofing system that is highly desired for its beauty and durability.

TapcoSlate is a roof system that can easily enhance the value of properties. It is crafted with moulds cast from real slate, making sure that the system can attain genuine peaks, plateaux, and curves. Its colours can also be retained for a long time through its UV stabilisation feature.

With its authentic surfaces and edges, the TapcoSlate can conveniently enhance the design and appeal of buildings and properties. It can even evoke both historical elegance and exceptional modern-day style. The installation of TapcoSlate is even easier as it features pre-marked nailing and exposure guides. And if it needs to be cut, the contractor can do so by using a fine-toothed saw or sharp utility blade.

Outstanding Durability and Appeal of TapcoSlate

Aside from its appealing looks, TapcoSlate is also distinguished for its resistance to elements. To ensure that it can truly last for a long time, its manufacturer tested the product fully to industry standards. Some elements that it can effectively resist are heavy loads, wind, fire, and moisture. If you opt for this type of slate roofing, you can expect it to last for numerous decades.

And to further entice property owners, TapcoSlate comes in a wide array of traditional and alternative stale colours. For traditional stale colours, one can choose from Stone Black, Pewter Grey, Plum, Brick Red, Chestnut Brown, or Red Rock. As for alternative slate colours, property owners can opt for Mist Grey, Brandywine, Olive, Sage Green, Grey/Black Blend, Evergreen, Ash Grey, Granite, or Graphite.

TapcoSlate Mixes are also available, which are perfect for those who want to elevate the appeal of their properties. Some of these mixes are Nottingham, Concord, Coachman, Brunswick, and Wintergreen.
To acquire TapcoSlate for your property, you can contact us at BuildCor.