Check Out Masterwall’s Latest Polystyrene Cladding System from Buildcor Building Solutions

24 February 2021

The MasterWall Innovative Polystyrene Cladding Systems are energy efficient and economical and offer flexible design. The MasterWall EIF Systems let designers to create without compromise, and builders to construct quickly, effectively and economically while ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. The MasterWall EIFS has the flexibility to ensure that professional skills would not be constrained by product limitations. Studies in the US have shown that EIFS are reliable wall systems and are better than other walls in terms of moisture while maintaining superior thermal performance.  The MasterWall EIFS offers limitless colours, textures and virtually any shape or design that would be […]

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The Importance of Fire-safe Cladding Systems in Construction Projects

11 February 2021

Depending on the material, cladding can be significant in shielding your structure from the danger of fire. There’s no creative science behind this, you simply need to choose cladding manufactured from a substance that doesn’t combust without any problem. As your cladding sits over the structure, if flares experience a non-combustible substance first, it will take them longer to spread. From best to worst, here are the imperviousness to fire rankings for some basic cladding materials. Brick has an excellent imperviousness to fire, while steel or concrete boards/weatherboards have a high imperviousness to fire. On one hand, aluminium and reconstituted […]

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Advantages of Natural Stone Wall Cladding

28 January 2021

Stone wall cladding can give the chance to add visual effect on an inside or outside space. It’s likewise a savvy approach and tough material offering an incredible option in contrast to conventional stone pieces. Here, we investigate a portion of the advantages of utilizing natural stone wall cladding boards and why it’s a particularly well-known completion. Advantages Of Using Stone Wall Cladding Appearance Natural materials are attractive in both indoor and outside spaces as they offer a credible quality and assists with adding profundity to a room. Stone wall cladding wears the stamping so millennia of arrangement. We grasp […]

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What Makes CSR Hebel an Ideal Cladding Material for Comfort and Security

15 January 2021

Cladding is a term used to describe the application or coating of one material over another to form a non-structural, external surface. Since it is a non-structural surface, it does not normally contribute to the stability of a certain object. Instead, it offers thermal insulation and weather resistance for construction purposes. Cladding often involves materials such as wood, metal, brick, vinyl, and composite materials that can include aluminium, wood, blends of cement and recycled polystyrene, wheat and rice straw fibres. Hebel’s range of cladding, wall, floor and fencing systems provide outstanding benefits to homeowners. Quick to install without compromising on […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Metal Roofs and Switch to Slate Roofing

14 December 2020

If your metal roof is long overdue for a replacement, maybe it’s about time to think about switching to slate roofing. When you choose slate as the roofing material for your home, you will gain such major benefits. Below are five reasons why you should get rid of your metal roof and switch to slate roofing. Slate Roofing Comes in Multiple Colours and Textures Slate roofing tiles are available in a wide range of textures, colours and patterns. Textures may vary from extremely smooth and regulated to quite rough, irregular and rustic. Patterns can be uniform or organic and creative. […]

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