Buildcor Building Products Supplier: Know About Structural Concrete Sleepers

23 March 2023

Do you need to construct retaining walls or other structures around the house that require a high degree of tensile and compressive strength? The use of structural concrete sleepers is one of the options that might be considered for constructing these. You may be startled by what they are capable of doing.

The following is essential information regarding structural concrete sleepers:

What Exactly Are These Sleepers?

Sleepers are most commonly used on trains, but they also have a variety of other applications in construction and home improvement projects. Concrete sleepers are a more cost-effective and low-maintenance option than their predecessor, the wooden sleeper, which is still used today. However, wooden sleepers are still in use.

Concrete sleepers can be purchased in a standard grey colour or in various colours and styles to suit various applications better. Concrete sleepers come in various forms, the most common of which are historic concrete sleepers, which have an old-fashioned appearance and structural concrete sleepers reinforced with metal, which provides additional support.

Structural Concrete Sleepers

Concrete sleepers strengthened with steel are known as structural concrete sleepers. These sleepers are manufactured from concrete. These sleepers have a high load-bearing capacity and are suitable for construction projects requiring structural support.

The modular posts, set in concrete for increased strength, hold these concrete sleepers together. Steel I-beams placed in concrete are utilised in taller walls or in other places where additional strength is required (slot the sleepers into either side of the I-beam).

Even if they are built from concrete, it does not imply that the only colour option is the dull and unimaginative “concrete grey.” Different concrete colours may be achieved by incorporating various pigments into the material and mixing them well. Because the colour goes through the concrete, there is no risk that it will chip, peel, or fade.

You can also select a basic concrete finish or one of many other profiles, such as a timber profile if you want your garden to have a more natural appearance.

The Many Advantages of Using Concrete Sleepers

Choosing structural concrete sleepers for your undertaking has a plethora of merit. Concrete sleepers, in comparison to other materials of a comparable kind, are:


It is an excellent choice for retaining walls and other supporting structures. Concrete sleepers that have been properly sealed will maintain their form regardless of the weather conditions.

Durability, Resistance, and Maintenance

The service life of concrete sleepers is significantly greater than that of their equivalents made of timber. It is resistant to fire, rot, and termites, making it appropriate for use in areas prone to bushfires. Because of their low maintenance requirements, concrete sleepers require very little upkeep to remain in pristine condition.

A Wide Variety of Patterns

the concrete may be coloured and finished in various ways to blend in with its environment.


The price of concrete is lower than that of hardwood sleepers, natural stone supports, and natural stone sleepers.

The Most Common Use for Concrete Sleepers

Because of their durability, structural concrete sleepers are an excellent material for constructing retaining walls in a garden. These retaining walls may be constructed to a height of up to 2.4 metres or even higher if you have the consent of an engineer and the municipal government in your area.

In addition to their primary use, structural concrete sleepers can be used for things like the following:

  • Walls that are a highlight unto themselves (up to 3 metres high)
  • Walls that act as a barrier against wind or noise
  • Support for decking, sandpits or raised garden beds
  • Edges for gravel driveways, walking walks, and garden beds
  • Steps
  • A substitute for the use of concrete formwork

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