Benefits of Using Natural Sandstone for Outdoor Paving and Tiling Purposes

23 August 2021

Natural split sandstone has many benefits including being very durable and versatile. It is an excellent product for swimming pool surrounds due to its natural slip resistance when wet and has a high resistance to salt attack (sealing is recommended to assist with protection). The natural split finish also highlights the natural colours within the sandstone that have been developed over thousands of years by mother nature.

Our Natural split sandstone comes in calibrated thickness that can be even glued if used as tiling. Thicker 30mm calibrated pavers can be ordered to be used on sand if required. A full range of bullnose for pool surrounds and/or steps are also available. Check with your retailer for further details to availability.

Luxury Stone’s Premium sandstone is a high quality, fine finished stone. These stones can be either Honed and/or Sandblasted to give a more consistent finish and colour without taking the natural beauty away from the natural stone range.

The Premium range can be used either indoor or outdoor for a more elegant look as the surface is more consistent and the smoother surface is soft under foot and ideal for the indoor/outdoor alfresco areas of your home Luxury Stone’s Tumbled French pattern is manufactured to give the age old look widely seen for centuries in the streets of old European cities.

Our pattern consists of 4 sizes and is tumbled to soften the edges. This pattern is available in 30mm thickness in Sandstone and Limestone and is perfect for driveways and can be installed on Crush rock & sand without the need for concrete slabs for the pathways & pedestrian traffic.

Our 12mm Travertine French Pattern range is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can be installed with tile adhesive or mortar. Both products are suitable for swimming pool surrounds as the smoother tumbled finish makes them soft & cool under foot but also slip resistant.

Is Travertine The Right Choice For Your Project?

Travertine has been used in the construction industry since the roman era. The colosseum is one of the oldest and largest buildings in the world and is mostly constructed with Travertine. Travertine is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, making Travertine an excellent choice for pool surrounds, kitchen and bathroom floors, bench tops, wall cladding, patio and balcony flooring and even driveways.

Travertine will remain cool under foot as it has a high coefficient of friction meaning that Travertine will provide a safe walking and play surface in these areas for the whole family. Travertine has a high natural salt resistance allowing it to be used inside your swimming pool as well as for coping and pool surrounds. We recommend sealing to protect and assist cleaning.