A Review on the Three Types of Slate Roofing Offered by BuildCor

08 March 2022

The roofing of properties intends to do two things throughout its service life. One, it intends to offer adequate protection against outdoor elements like heat, moisture, dirt, and others. Second, the roofing of your property can help remove rainwater and others away from the property.

And to ensure that these purposes are accomplished effectively, contractors would have to choose the most appropriate type of roofing for your property. One type of roofing that can be beneficial for your property is slate roofing. It is known to be one of the most valuable roofing products out there as it can last for a very long time. Slate roofing is likewise appealing, resistant to elements, and eco-friendly.

We at BuildCor recognise the benefits of slate roofing, which is why we offer the following types of slate roofing to accommodate all types of properties.

  1. Spanish Slate

One type of slate roofing that we offer is Spanish slate roofing. The industry of slate production in Spain has been continuously growing over the past decades, providing a lot of slate roofing to various types of properties. However, not all Spanish slate roofing has similar qualities. Some types of Spanish slate roofing tend to weather down easily, while others can last for a long time.

One high-quality Spanish slate is known as Del Carmen, which features a riven texture and deep blue-black colour combination. This type of slate is preferred by many property owners thanks to its durability and appealing looks. Other types of Spanish slate roofing that are maximised by many property owners are Forna and Cafersa slate roofing.

  1. Welsh Slate

Wales is another popular producer of slate roofing today. And with their centuries of experience in the industry, they have manufactured various types of quality slate roofing that are loved by contractors and property owners. One type of Welsh slate that is used by many property owners is the Bangor Blue. What makes this type of Welsh slate roofing great for property owners is it is durable and long-lasting. It also features looks that significantly enhance the appeal of properties. It is, however, expensive.

Generally, Welsh slates are preferred by property owners due to their long life. On average, Welsh slate roofing can last more than a hundred years without losing its colour and finish. Welsh slate roofing is also resistant to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals. It can even withstand extreme temperatures.

  1. Canadian Slate

One more type of slate roofing that we offer to clients is Canadian slate roofing. A feature of a Canadian slate that makes it desirable among property owners is its blue-grey and heather purple shades, making the roofing appear beautiful and classy. Apart from its appealing looks, Canadian slate roofing can also resist rust, ultraviolet light, and acid rain as it is free from iron pyrites and metallic intrusions.

Canadian Glendyne slate is a type of Canadian slate roofing that is being maximised by property owners. It boasts smooth textures that make it compatible with residential properties. This type of Canadian slate roofing likewise comes in charcoal grey, which can make properties look elegant.

If you want to acquire one of these slate roofing, you can call us at BuildCor.