5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Metal Roofs and Switch to Slate Roofing

14 December 2020

If your metal roof is long overdue for a replacement, maybe it’s about time to think about switching to slate roofing. When you choose slate as the roofing material for your home, you will gain such major benefits. Below are five reasons why you should get rid of your metal roof and switch to slate roofing.

Slate Roofing Comes in Multiple Colours and Textures

Slate roofing tiles are available in a wide range of textures, colours and patterns. Textures may vary from extremely smooth and regulated to quite rough, irregular and rustic. Patterns can be uniform or organic and creative. Slate tile colours can range from subtle to strong hues. Although grey and black shades are frequently used on roofs, reds, purples and greens are also attractive.

Slate Roofing Has a Long-Term Durability

Natural slate can be several million years old. It offers outstanding durability, and many homeowners are amazed to discover that a new slate roof is estimated to last for at least 75 to 100 years. Some slate roofs have been reported as lasting for several hundred years, with very little or no maintenance required. Because slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock which originally came from sedimentary rock that consisted of volcanic ash or clay, it can withstand even the most severe storms and weather extremes. Slate tiles are also fire and mould resistant.

Slate Roofing is Made from Top-Quality Heavy Material

Slate is very heavy roofing material. Slate tiles can increase the weight of your home’s roof by as much as 550 pounds. Only houses that are strong enough architecturally can withstand the added weight of a secure, protective slate roof. If you are building a new home, your architect or building expert can ensure that your home is constructed to support a slate roof. If you are installing new roofing on your existing home, your home building professionals will need to reinforce the structure of your home to withstand the extra pounds of new slate roofing.

Slate Roofing is Low Maintenance

Since slate provides long-term wear and requires only light maintenance or none at all, you can count on low-cost care for a new slate roof. Once your slate roof is installed, it is important to schedule an inspection of your roof by a roofing expert every year. If any of the tiles should become damaged, they can be removed easily and replaced.

Slate Roofing is Cost-Efficient

Slate is high-cost roofing material. It can cost two to three times as much as shingle roofing. The cost of a new slate tile roof for your home maybe 15 or 16 dollars per square foot, which can be quite expensive if you have a large home or unusual roof pitch. However, when you consider the fact that you should never need to replace a slate roof and that its maintenance costs will be quite low, you will realise the true cost-savings of selecting slate as a roofing material for your home.

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